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  1. Hello all, any pictures of today ? Im sorry i couldnt make it, i ran out of time to get over, I did manage to take the car out for a quick spin tho, Whens the next one ?
  2. Hopefully i can make it, Need to sort cooling issues and clutch, oh and sidescreens, How many people are going ?
  3. Hello all, My thermostat housing cracked the other day on my 2.0 pinto in my S7, Ive got a new housing, stat and gaskets, Any tips on bleeding the system as i dont have a heater connected or bleed ports, Also does anyone know the torque settings for the housing bolts ? I dont want to over torque and crack the new housing, Anyone reccomend a good coolant ? i was just going to use standard stuff Thanks James
  4. Count me in ! Im def up for it, would be great to go as a club and track session !
  5. Anyone going to this ? Club stand ? Im a big fan, i go every year, For anyone who has never been, it is basically an open day for the circuit, where lots of clubs bring their cars and park up in the grounds, few bits for sale, cars on track all day, (15 min sessions available for £25 each) passenger tickets availbale for £10 for the whole day, This is my first year of Hood ownership so i think il be taking mine round the track, Its a brilliant day out and can reccomend it, Anyone been before ? Anyone fancy going ?
  6. Umm interesting, u know what guys, it could be me riding the clutch, as the clutch pedal sits really high, next time ive got the car out il have a good look at cable and adjustment, loving the car tom, its not been out for a month, waiting for a reasonable day !
  7. Clutch pedal is really high, bites just up from the floor, Engages all gears ok, slips under hard acceleration and gear changes
  8. Hunty


    038, Found a couple £45 delivered, Brilliant, cheers Guys !
  9. Great info guys, Sounds like im best to just fit a good quality clutch and keep the same box. I might do a couple track days, but im not a hard driver, and im not hard on the car. I could always go 5 speed one day in the future, Am i right in thinking its easier to remove engine to change clutch, rather than remove gearbox on these cars ?, (il be changing it on the driveway !)
  10. Ive recently bought a S7, Its running a 2 litre on throttle bodies, with a 4 speed box, The car used to run a 1600, thats why it runs a 4 speed box, Im fine with ratios, the car drives well, but the clutch slips when giving it some 'beans' So i could fit an uprated clutch to handle the 150hp the engine produces, Or use a standard or uprated 2.0 clutch with a 5 speed box, How strong are the 4 speed boxes ? Strong enough to run 150 hp ? I do have a reciept for a rebuild on the gearbox a few years back, How different are the ratios on the 2 gearboxes ? ie 1st and 2nd ? Wha
  11. Hunty


    Ive searched and trawlled the net, found one or 2 but they seem to be too tall, too wide or terminals wrong, Bosch do a lovely one but too tall, and catches bonnet ! Doh !
  12. Hunty


    Finally getting round to replacing my battery on the S7, It currently has a basic battery on it, which is an odd size, also has a L/H positive, in a home made tray with a clamp, Ive been looking at so many options, i keep going round in circles, I see 2 options at the mo, Option 1 - Use a standard battery that Caterham use, use my current tray and clamp, but have to change wiring as the caterham battery uses bolted terminals, (i currently use quick release connectors with post terminals) Cost roughly £70 Option 2 - Use a odyssey Pc545 battery, with odyssey clamp and post te
  13. Hunty

    Battery For S7

    Hey Tom, Yeah i think the battery is a bit dodgy, seems fine on a day to day basis, but not great first thing in the morning, Not a prob,il get a new battery soon, also get the sidescreens done and a waterproof cover. Absolutely love the car, its awseome !
  14. Hunty

    Exeter Show

    Im going to the show on sunday, (work on sat), Going down in my dads bmw, its a bit far in the hood from oxford, with no sidescreens in October !
  15. Brilliant, so polycarbonate that is scratch and uv resistant, Im from near oxford, I just need to find some locally,
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