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  1. Help! anyone I have a Zero kit car that I am finalling getting round to sort out the wiring. The engine and switches are from a 1988 Sierra. I have wired it up the best i can switching the live side of the sytem which the supplied loam suggested. I keep reading on the forum about ground switching. I have problems with my circuit and i am wondering if i have used the correct method. The RHS column switch has a number of the contacts linking to one of the fixing screws in certain switching modes which puzzled me. I connected this direct to earth and was blowing fuses so this was soon removed. I am lost at the moment do I carry on with switched live or do I need to start again using switched neutral. The trouble is most things work apart from the wipers are on all the time when I connect the dip and main beam to the link switch 53a Also was does Contact "W" do on the RH wiper / lights switch as it appears not to contact to any other contact in any switching mode Is there any one out there to help a lost sole Electrical drawings Model (1).pdf
  2. Thanks for your comment I have tried most combinations without success can you tell me when pin "W" on the RH column switch comes into action as I cannot find when it is used. The problem is as I see it is that I need to feed the LH switch 56 when the light switch is at the Top and not when in the middle or at the bottom.
  3. Hi Help I have a problem with my zero kit car wiring, I have everything working flash main beam, Dim Hazards, Wipers, ect but when I connect the washer (as the attached drawing) it will not switch off. If I remove wire 53a from the RH column switch and connect the washer it works fine from the push button but then the dip and main beam will not work. I have tried to understand the switch even got a second one thinking that was the problem and have checked the circuit a number of times but cannot find the solution. Something is obviouly incorrect. I have attached a couple of drawings to indicate what I have done can someone please look and give me some advise so I can loom up do the ignition and add the dash Electrical drawings-wipers Model (1).pdf .Electrical drawings Model (1).pdf
  4. maco

    Wiring Loom

    hey guys i have finally got back to trying to finish my zero after 2 long years of sorting other things out in my life . im at the stage of doing the wiring and im so confused where to start which wires connect to the column and dash etc etc .................. can anyone here help me please
  5. hey guys ive made a boob and ive drilled the holes in the top flat panel 50mm gaps in between them and when i placed it back on the back panel the holes dont even land on any of the tongues if i driled some more holes on the sides so there was 25mm spaces would that be able to pass the iva ? help Matt
  6. hey mark so when i ive completed the top of the back panel should i rivet it to the T bar that the feul tank is sitting on first the drill the holes in the side ? cheers Matt
  7. thank you john that has help me alot and alot more positive in doing the job cheers Matthew
  8. can i ask tho ive notice on me stainles steel back panel that there is excess at the bottom did you have to same and did you cut it off ?
  9. hey thank you ive debured everthing and even got the dead centre but im glad i asked cos i was going start at the bottom riveting it to the bottom of the chassis oppps guess i was wrong i should hopefully have it done soon thank you very much
  10. hey guys Im at the stage of fitting the back panel on :S i have a rough idea of doing it but would like to make sure Im doing correctly . don't really want to get it wrong could anyone help me ?
  11. chees grahem yeh i making sure i only do it once so it can passed the sva matt
  12. another question about the reverse and fog light you get a bracket for each of them do they go on the out side of the back panel or the inside of the panel ? can anyone help me ?
  13. thanks guys i can put them in now with confidence they are right lol
  14. hey im trying to get my head round put the drive shafts in correctly which side does the left hand nuts on the end of the shaft go the passenger side or drivers side ? thanks in advance
  15. ooo thats great ill give you an email now
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