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  1. Hi it is good to hear from you, i bet the dash board looks 100 times better than what it was before.

    I always wondered about respraying the roll bar but i did not know how to remove it, putting the wire up the inside of it is a good idea never thought of dong that.

    My son has got a car but its not a mini he got a mk2 ford fiesta, its p in the garage at the moment no wings or fro...

  2. Hey, been playing with the car over the weekend, re-upholstered the dash so it has a leather finish and took the roll bar off, re-painted it and put the wiring for the top break, light up through it. Did ur son buy his Mini?

  3. Hey Adrian sorry for not getting back to u sooner, been having too much fun playing with my new toy. Thanks again she puts a smile on my face every time I drive her. Any luck on the Z3 front??

  4. sorry the car is now sold SOLD
  5. Robin Hood Exmo yellow and stainless steel 2.0ltr pinto and a five speed box twin 45 dellortos RS alloy wheels in great condition lots have been done 11 months MOT 5 months tax full wet weather gear in perfect condition new: stainless steel exhaust 5 new tyres new stone guards new steering wheel new windscreen wipers new ram pipes new throttle cables new front grill price: £3250 ovno. call on: 07837337308
  6. do you have any pictures to give me an idea of what it looks like. thanks
  7. Was at Stoneleigh today and i have heard the other Robin Hoods and when i was driving home i thought mine was massively louder than any one else's. can any body recommend a good exhaust for a 2 litre Pinto on twin 45's Dellortos and to fit on a standard 4-1 manifold.
  8. adahutch

    S7 Iva

    mine passed the sva not that i built it.
  9. i was not sure on the weather today so i thought i would lave it until tomorrow. i have been the last few years and always think that it is one of the best shows that i have been to.
  10. If you click on the garage button at the top of the page, and then on the left hand side of the it should say create new item click on that and then you can create a page for your hood. you also have to be a member i think Hope this helps.
  11. Does any body have a wiring diagram for a reverse switch for a type 9 gear box because mine have seemed to have packed up. Thanks
  12. can i ask where you got that brake light from that goes on the roll bar
  13. adahutch

    Qick Shift

    I have herd that you can put a quick shift in a type 9 gear box, but i am not sue weather it would be worth it to get one, and where can I get it from. can any body give me some advice.
  14. adahutch

    Dash Board

    ETB do a set of gauges for £199 It is called the 7 set 80mm mechanical speedo 80mm electronic tachometer 52mm fuel level 52mm water temp 52mm oil pressure im sure if you ring them up they will give you some more advice tel. +44 (0) 1702 601055
  15. Thanks for the prompt reply i think i will put it on my everyday car
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