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  1. does anyone know where I can get a 2b aeroscreen I can not find one anywhere as they all seem to be for caterhams and westfeilds which are not as wide as the 2b and I dont want to get one and chop it in half and add an extra bit in I just want to buy one and put it on there must be one somewhere.
  2. I was going to sell my hood but now Im in two minds, anyway the question is does anyone know if any test stations are more lenient than others, the reason I ask is I was going to take mine to gosforth newcastle but someone told me to book it in at hull as gosforth is to strict as they dont like the cars on the road, has anyone else heard anything similar???
  3. its not iva'd yet and I just dont have the time to do anything and its a shame to go to waste. there are some pics of it on my website if you know of anyone interested
  4. The time has come that I have decided to sell my hood, I unfortunately dont have the time to use it or do anything with it anymore and i cant just leave it in the garage for the next 10 years until the drains on my resources grow up. Its been fun but its time for someone else to take the wheel
  5. What's the item no. I can't find it on there
  6. Hi all' does anyone know where I can get an aero screen to fit a rh exmo/2b I got a new one from a shop on eBay but it's to narrow. Can anyone help? Cheers Chris
  7. try google, picuture resize software. failing that take the pics again with your camera on low quality which will take smaller pics
  8. can anyone tell me the cheapest place to get some seats that are IVA proof
  9. Im going to order some p clips off ebay for the brake lines but not sure on the size needed can anyone help?
  10. mine dont have head rests, is this a problem?
  11. plastic p clips for brake lines are they ok? and copper fuel line running along the underside of the car is this ok?
  12. lordofthemanor

    Seats For Iva

    is there any regulations when it comes to seats? mine go back and forward at the bottom with a lever but the backs are not fixed in place (they are attached to the base) are these ok?
  13. Hi all' Im coming to the church mouse tonight for the first time, how will I know who you are?
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