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  1. Thanks will make a start tomorrow really gutted could have had another engine last week for 160
  2. thanks will have a look on a cold engine 45 30 60 75 dry and 110 65 75 100 wet test if your instructions are easier to understand than workshop manual they would be greatly appreciated thanks
  3. done compression test not good will have to take engine out
  4. Thanks Andy mine reads 1.383 thats with sensor out of car, due to fact i dont really know what ive done next step is a compression test should have tester delivered today if i understand it, it has a 10:1 ratio which i think is 147 psi do you know if this is correct thanks
  5. Will double check everything and work out how to test crank sensor dont fancy price of a new one even might manage a compression test tomorrow.
  6. Hi Alan whats your e mail address photos of memsscan too big to post on forum

  7. will try to work out how to send MEMS tomorrow dont do computors or electrics will try and find sensor tomorrow
  8. when i turn the ignition on and use a test light i have power at pin 25, my pin 11 goes to a type of connector and i dont think its ever been connected but just connected it and now have spark but engine still wont start will have to get a compression tester next week and see what that shows will email MEMSScan
  9. Help with wiring required on the old type coil with plus and minus poles minus comes from ecu via rev counter plus has two wires one ignition live can anyone tell me where the other wire goes to as mines come adrift and cant get a spark thanks in advance
  10. yep the good old AA got me home around 8-20 just got to fix it now
  11. Dont think im going to make broke down off the m1
  12. good news another hood on the fylde coast
  13. Preston supercars meet second to last sunday of month at Phantom Winger
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