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  1. have you any photos of what you did and was the clutch heavy before you changed to the volvo cable
  2. No tax or mot since 2012
  3. curiosity is getting the better of me, is your car wired as per wiring diagram as it states superspec turbo where yours is injection, dont think it makes any difference just an odd description
  4. On a side note i think its a fuse but the wiring on a superspec is awful. Plus i know if i hear fuel pump it starts every time no hear no start
  5. mine has a fuse box of 4 fuses under the dash as per original build 3 are 10amp i think the other is15 minenow can be visable by looking under dash on drivers side,also my fuel pump fuse is the 2nd on in at 10 amp, it might also be that ive moved the fuse box to make it easier to get to but there should be one somewhere behind your dashi have a photo but i have never been able to put them on this site if you want it pm me your email address
  6. Think its a 1984 fiat ducato
  7. good weekend good food nice drive out good people well organised thanks to Craig and all his family
  8. wont be any gaps once the winter weather comes
  9. ah just seen it on fb 4,5 seconds better will do next year
  10. come on Matt wheres the video of your run
  11. same date as oulton park
  12. Dont think i have seen one of those but it looks very nice good luck for iva hope to see it at a show sometime soon
  13. wanderer


    for euro car parts cheapest place to order is on the internet and even slightly cheaper for weekend orders ie friday to sunday
  14. wanderer

    It’s a pass!

    well done looks good just to get plates now and enjoy
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