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  1. why dont you try fresh fuel, put some clean petrol in a plastic drinks bottle and connect it to the fuel pump
  2. ok are you thinking of keeping the same dash ie the (escort dials) its not an easy job to separate due to the dash being welded to the schuttle
  3. it was on mine till i cut it out to fit a straight dash is he on about a super spec or a 2b which he says he has (different models)
  4. wanderer

    rear fog lights

    westfield-world.com press technical then sva front and rear lights are there
  5. wanderer

    Stilton Run Lunch

    you are right when it was previously done the proceeds went to the air ambulance, which i also was going to donate my entrance fee too i was not aware it had changed until todays email, maybe that is why they only have 120 registered for the event this year although i suspect several hundred will do it as in previous years
  6. 4 nuts underneath the runners should have bolt heads welded on if the weld has broken like on some of mine push the seat fully back and you can see them either put a spanner on if possible or jam them with a screwdriver then push seat fully forward and do the same with the back ones
  7. never managed to get mine that clean but when i got them a bit cleaner they were just as bad after giving the car a run, so just covered them with exhaust wrap (yellow} but didnt stay yellow for long
  8. membership card and stickers arrived this morning many thanks
  9. Thanks Al think mine has gone through,just had email confirming acceptance
  10. has any one used the paypal link if so who did you pay
  11. GBSC sell them for just over £10 think you have to search kit parts direct these days
  12. Hi Stu after all that hard work we as a group just want to see you at shows in the near future best of luck in your new build cant wait to see it
  13. Thanks will make a start tomorrow really gutted could have had another engine last week for 160
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