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  1. looks nice hope to see you at stoneleigh if on
  2. you say its a s3a are you sure? looks like a 2b to me
  3. great looking forward to your updates sounds complicated
  4. another 300 mile round trip for me but still interested
  5. wanderer

    Test queries

    PM me your address i can drop it off
  6. wanderer

    Test queries

    Free just use it for iva then keep hold until someone needs one or let me have it back
  7. wanderer

    Test queries

    if you need a sierra steering wheel i think i have one
  8. has the car failed a mot if not get it moted and they will tell you what it needs
  9. arches on the link are the same as already on your car ie for a 2b
  10. search for sierrasrus greater manchester based
  11. i have AA cover for any car i own or in including the kit car plus my daughter who also wanted home start i used top cashback and payed £104
  12. yes if you can find the part on ebay its very cheap but you might have to wait a few days even though they have it in stock
  13. Hi mine was done 5 years ago at wards end garage adlington sk10 4ny try them 01625 871829
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