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  1. It was on nwkcog site but also on Robin Hood kit car Facebook page
  2. One for sale in Somerset on Robin Hood kit car site presume that's near enough
  3. I have put the from borg and beck from rimmers URF000122BB
  4. They must have them hid in one of their storage containers
  5. It had the proper locating pin and didn't look the same only saw photo once and can't find it anymore
  6. I have seen a photo of Chris's gearbox looks different to mine also consider his is the turbo engine
  7. think you need to move the gearbox back by at least 75mm to get it out i will have an idea when i put mine back in if its possible
  8. mines going slow been a bit unwell will send some photos next week, i have bought the borg an beck clutch from rimmers urf000122bb also new timing belt tensioner and timing belt £130.74 including vat and delivery
  9. colin ushers now an archived file it was called Front Page if you know how to access them, i have it on my laptop but no idea how i found it
  10. what car, and what stalks are you using
  11. very strange im booked in at the Goldcup meeting Oulton Park that weekend
  12. Hi Alan i have the engine and box out removed starter motor to take photo i am thinking of modifying the box keep looking at solutions on line,did you get a response from Redspec on how he did it although i dont fancy putting a sierra clutch in and redrilling the flywheel i have looked at Wick12 post from July 8th 2005 and may go down this route, saw your post last week reclutch arm mine is different more square i will confirm with you what clutch is fitted to mine but pretty sure its a Rover one
  13. Hi does this look right i only have about 2mm play before release bearing touches the springs with the clutch lever fully back
  14. join nwkcog run by Trevor Harmer on facebook does plenty around liverpool and wales also nationwide if you want to travel
  15. Hi Tony why dont you apply for area secretary for the Dorset and Hampshire area its not filled at the moment
  16. you would have too also change the name to The Sottish Kit Car Club
  17. mines just held up with a piece of timber across the bottom tubes with an upright the right length with a groove cut in to go around the center piece of the bonnet
  18. looks nice hope to see you at stoneleigh if on
  19. you say its a s3a are you sure? looks like a 2b to me
  20. great looking forward to your updates sounds complicated
  21. another 300 mile round trip for me but still interested
  22. wanderer

    Test queries

    PM me your address i can drop it off
  23. wanderer

    Test queries

    Free just use it for iva then keep hold until someone needs one or let me have it back
  24. wanderer

    Test queries

    if you need a sierra steering wheel i think i have one
  25. has the car failed a mot if not get it moted and they will tell you what it needs
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