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  1. Hi Guys, Assistance for the following issue im having, I am trying to come up with a solution to open my bonnet without having to remove the front grill very time I need to look at the engine. Many thanks Jay
  2. Kev I was in the same boat 6months back, just keep doing a small sections and don't think about the big tangle behind the dash. All will work out.
  3. Thanks for all the responses guys I need enough to cover boot lid area and and the continuation down roll bar side of the car. I would think what Simon has should be enough or do you think I need more? Thanks again
  4. Hi Guys Was wondering if anyone has any of the leatherette left over from their kit contents. The stuff I need is the leatherette provided with the 2B (grey in colour) Cheers Jay
  5. Sorry guys title should be KPH to MPH
  6. Hi Guys The old man has went and got himself his 5th car this time a left hooker, he is doing all the DVLA stuff of changing plates and ownership. DVLA have now informed him that he needs to change his speedo clock from KPH to MPH and his millage display must be changed as well which is digital. Anyone done this before got any tips and tricks to get this done easily and quickly the car is a Honda Civic Sports 2003 Cheers Jay
  7. Hi Mark I used to run my 306 on veg oil, i never made any mods to the engine, I was told by a lot of people it would wreck my engine but never did. I did use clean veg oil striaght out of cosco 20ltr barrels, was still half the price of diesel at the time. My dad also uses the veg oil on his Land Rover but always mixes his veg oil with a few gallon of diesel, put a gallon in and see how the car gets on. Jay
  8. Hi what model is your mugs to get 37mpg Cheers jay.
  9. Ratcatcher3D

    New Car

    Hi Guys The wife has been nagging me that she needs a new car, she was a Vauxhall Zafria 07 plate. To be onest its not a bad motor(for a mum bus), but she is after a Ford Kuga some fake 4x4. Anyone own this type of car and can give me some feed back on it, and how thirsty it is ect ect. Iv done all the Parker Guides and review forums but really just after some real life reveiws. She doesnt think having 2 Robin Hoods is a solution lol Cheers Jay
  10. I have got two 300mmx8mm steel plates welded to the chassis on both sides. The link below should show you what iv done, do you think it will be allright for SVA??? Just had a look at yours John and it is very simlar only difference I don't have the L shaped brackets of steel to anchor sealt belts into. www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150350909272452.340820.708727451&type=3 Jay
  11. Hi Guys just want to get some opinions on seat belt anchor points. The 2 rear seat belt anchor points are standard ones on the 2B, the other 2 anchor points I have connect to the bolts that are anchoring the seat to the floor. Do you think this will be ok for SVA, I have been reading through the book and can't find a reason why it wouldn't. All opinions will be appreciated. Cheers
  12. Fantastic looking motor, where did you get the protective edging around the wish bones from? Cheers Jay
  13. I would be getting myself a peugeot 306 1.9 desiel I had one for 2 yrs it ran like a tank and has cumfy seats all sponge and what made it so cheap was that I could do 56 miles to the gallon on veg oil. lol lots o fun
  14. If you are wanting rid ASAP I would sell it all in one sale saves you holding on to parts you cant sell later on, ebay is quick and simple (providing you dont get a time waster) and you can have a look what other part built 2B's are going for.
  15. I used to have ducks, chickens and lived in the middle of a forest we fould the best way of keeping the foxes out was to pee outside the birds caged area. Country foxes hate the smell of humans (not urban foxes) and will run a mile. Just keep it top up on the golden old pee
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