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  1. i have known this car and watched its progression over the last six years i have also been on blats all over Scotland with its owner who ever buys this car will get a cracker but you will need to hang on tight.
  2. hi guys well just to catch up the zero is sold went down south so see pic of my new run around i love it great fun and quick aswell hope you are all well.
  3. oshiney2

    Gbs Zero Sold

    hi guys its done the wee car is sold to someone down south hes a very very happy man i have given him details of the rhocar club and i'm sure he will join you all soon its been great making friends with you all and i'm sure i will see you all again somewhere except i will be in my new ford fiesta St i know boring but its a fab car and very quick and its got a heater anyway you guys drive safe.
  4. oshiney2

    Zero On Ebay

    thanks for that what am i like mate i have know deleted my messages so should be ok now cheers bud
  5. oshiney2

    Zero On Ebay

    hi guys if your trying to contact me go to members list and look up obecanobe and my e mail address is at the bottom of the page. i don't know why anyone can't message me but use my e mail address and i will get back to you asap thanks
  6. oshiney2

    Should I Buy?

    hi mate sorry missed your reply i don't understand how that's happend but here's my e mail anderson05@btinternet.com 07798575594 you should get me on these i f you still interested ?
  7. oshiney2

    Should I Buy?

    im selling my gbs zero if you are interested im in dunfermline as well 2014 2ltr zetec 4000mls you wont be disappointed drop me a line if you are serious
  8. oshiney2

    New Yr

    hi guys happy new year from us all in fife Scotland hope 2018 is a grt year for you all c ya
  9. oshiney2


    hi all merry Christmas to you all hope you have a great day
  10. oshiney2

    Zero For Sale

    check out this item number on e bay 222742351688
  12. *bleep* sake sounds fantastic mate should be able to over take me now lol
  13. hi guys can anyone advise on a rear view mirror on my zero fed up trying these stick on ones that shake all over the place what one's can you recommend that are stable so you can see what's behind you what one do you use ?
  14. oshiney2

    Zero Dials

    good points I will have a look at the back to see thanks for that
  15. oshiney2

    Zero Dials

    thanks Dan lol
  16. oshiney2

    Zero Dials

    hi guys can anyone tell me why my dials steam up on the inside and take ages to dry out ??
  17. oshiney2

    Zero Cutting Out

    took the car out for another test drive 90 miles no issues could it have just been that simple !! anyway getting another long run on saturday 240 miles in all so fingers crossed
  18. oshiney2

    Zero Cutting Out

    thank guy for that the machanic found a bad earth to the lowpress pump in the rear another test drive to see if that was the fault
  19. oshiney2

    Zero Cutting Out

    hi guys for those who were at the Highland run last year will remember me breaking down all the time. we'll I still have the problem I have change the coil pack/ plugs/leads/in line fuel filter/ fuel regulator all new parts my mechanic thought he had solved it and when it broke down today again we changed the relay the feeds the fuel line but no joy the either so back to the drawing board. it must just be something simple so i went out today to test started of well but about 50 miles in I could hear the exhaust change tone I new what was going to happen when I tried to accelerate no joy I think it's a starvation of fuel the whole car just shuts down after a while it's starts again as if nothing had happened,although when restating I kept my foot hard on the throttle it was puffin and banging as though I was forcing fuel through which seemed to work it went back to full throttle and I got home going up to the machanic tonight to try something else WHAT THE HEll ISIT HELP IF YOU CAN ?? (((
  20. oshiney2

    Happy New Year

    happy new year to all i hope its a great one for you and your family
  21. hi mate i bought the car from phil with just a few things left to complete its now all finished and looking fantastic im now not on face book so if you give me your e mail i could send you a copy of some pics happy new year
  22. thanks Bob there is one that would suit cheers
  23. hi guys can anyone recommend an interior mirror to fit on my zero dashoard I'm fed up with my stick on the window one it shakes all over the place where did you buy your and do you have any info as to where you bought it cheers
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