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    hi snow birds just 1 inch here (snow that is ) in dunfermline scotland very very cold got to get my baggy blommers on now byeee
  2. it was a weeeeeeeeeeeeee goblin they are weeeee buggers
  3. same happened to me on my merc found it 500yrds up the road in a hedge good luck obecanobe
  4. oshiney2


    thanks pal thats a great help obecanobe
  5. oshiney2


    thanks tim whats toe ??
  6. oshiney2


    hi can anyone tell me how to adjust my camber setting both my tyres seem to be waring down the outside of the tyres first i think its a single wishbone (see pics google greenies garage to see the can album) many thanks obecanobe the car is a 2b plus
  7. hi can anyone tell me how to get a picture of my car as my avatar the pictures in my pc seem be to big and it will not accept them how do i reduce my pictures step by step please call me thick or what thanks bbbyyyeeee obecanobe
  8. hi i did a set of motor bike wheels first i took the tyre off and then covered the wheel with nitromores ( leave till the paint bubbles) and then just wash the wheel with water it just lifts off the paint very quickly right back to the alloy then rub down with wet and dry pollish with autosol to a shine you could leave them like that and pollish once a week or laquir to suit thanks obecanobe
  9. hi my 2b plus has a standard steering rack from a xr3 from full lock to full lock it does 3 and a 1/4 turns what kind of rack can i get to make the steering quicker and a lot easier to handle can anyone help me many thanks obecanobe
  10. hi guys i'm a new member name (obecanobe) im looking for any members who like to go out for a blast i stay in dunfermline fife scotland where are you all ??? drop me a note and maybe we can meet sometime for a blast many thanks obecanobe
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