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  1. The number of jobs I have done on my car in blissful ignorance just keeps on growing! I had a 60 thou taken off my head and put it back together with a cheap gasket from 'Gaskets for Classics' It has been OK so far (2 years) If I were you I would fit the Cometic one with complete confidence
  2. Mine seems OK, but worth keeping an eye on. Did you have more torque than you thought Dave?
  3. SEgan

    Wanted New Grille

    I think Laserman used to do custom ones, if you want something a bit different!
  4. SEgan

    Premium Car Wash

    I think I will start up a new business, I know several obsessive polishers in the club. LINK
  5. An alloy V8 with loads of torque in a well designed chassis is undoubtedly a lot better, but I do love a bit of banter. Enjoy your new car Dan.
  6. Your new car sounds very impressive but you seem to have changed your tune somewhat regarding your old one! [quote name=notimpressed, on 02 September 2010 - 08:16 PM ] mine flat out "on the track" was fine with the handling very stable, 0 to 60 it seems to be about the same as my mates lotus exige s
  7. 22, Sean Egan 2B 2Ltr Pinto 38DGAS Standard CAM Firstly thanks to all those involved with organisation and marshalling, a great day out. My car ran like a dream only let down by me, however, unless I hear otherwise I would like to claim the fastest run on Zimmers, now on their third track day
  8. Logmein. Simple to set-up and very easy to use.
  9. Well done , a great time, good luck with stairs this week!
  10. Hindleys do various thicknesses 2,3 or 4mm LINK or Technolgy Supplies for 2mm
  11. Looking forward to seeing it the the flesh at the weekend. The shape of the primaries looks very promising.
  12. Hi John Missed out last year due to work, please put me down this year Cheers Sean
  13. SEgan


    I wanted some bit and bobs from the scrap yard yesterday, so I got up early and drove down to my local, where I know the guys running the place and they are usually sensibly priced. To my dismay it is now closed!! This is the third in my area that has shut down (the other two were much larger and kept a good selection) There is now but one left, so I went off to find it as I had never been to it before. After driving across town I drove into the yard, and wondered why it was so quiet!! I went to the hut first out of courtesy before wandering around and asked the blokes if it was OK to have a wander looking for some parts I needed for a school project and my wife’s car. “No,” was the reply, “what do you need?” A four wire Lambda off something Japanese and a bag of 12V window motors isn’t the sort of answer they were expecting, they wanted to deal with specific cars and specific parts. I asked whether they were pulling my leg about wandering around for parts but they were serious apparently it isn’t allowed anymore. I had to leave empty handed and take the green approach of buying new while good parts get crushed. Are there any traditional scrap yards left? Or is it all e-bay now? Glad I built my car a few years ago!!
  14. If you jack the engine up an inch or two off the mounts it is possible to change the sump witn the engine in the car and the tube left in place, but it is a tight squeeze.
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