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  1. I guess its yours then! What time Monday morning as I start work at 12? Daz
  2. Seigen 130 amp MIG Weider for sale Roll of gasless wire Spare tips Auto tint mask Gloves I have no further use for it Collection only £80 PM me for it Daz
  3. Hello Graham. Just to let you know, that zetec is still in there mate, thanks for that.
  4. Well, chitty has gone, had one last blast and my back was killing me lol. It's off to Harlow in Essex, so if you see it, give it a wave for me. Malcolm, I'm going in Friday for an op, gonna stick a camera in my back to find the damaged nerves and then inject something around them to block the nerve. Really looking forward to it:........not! I will continue to come on the RHOCAR site, and if shift allows will try and pop to the TVH meet to see the guys. Thanks to everyone for helping me, and hopefully my old Hood will have many more years ahead. Daz
  5. Yep Phil, something like that :rofl: :rofl:
  6. Miles, there are a few in front of you, even a guy who was about to book his flight from Holland to collect it Saturday! I could have sold it 4 times over, and I knew I should have asked for more money, but I'm not greedy, I think that £3,000 is a very good price for the car, going lower will be robbing me. I will keep you in mind, however the buyer is coming tomorrow night, so I will post what happens. Just for info, it sailed through the MOT today, with no advisories! Dear Bob. The old Norman Autocycle is still with me, and no, that won't be sold. I've finally managed to strip it all down, need to get the frame and forks off to the blaster/powder coaters, and that will give me a big boost when they're done. The engine is going to be dear. A basic full engine rebuild is circa £600 I need to find a company to make some 2.75" wide mudguards, not as easy as it sounds, believe me. The old ones are rotten sadly. A few other bits are needed but I've sourced them, just need to pull my finger out to order them!!!!!!!!
  7. Probably a motorbillty scooter Steve! Fitted with a zetec of course, lol.
  8. Well, the car is sold (subject to full price on collection) and I would now like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped me rebuild the car, donated or sold parts to me, given advice over the phone (Megadodo) especially with those pesky stalks!!!! and anyone else who has assisted along the way. I had a great week in Le Mans back in 2010, met some great characters, especially Big Lee's dad, and everyone else who was there of course. I will never forget the week, and everyone who made it so enjoyable. A huge thanks to the TVH guys. They are a great bunch, and gave plenty of help, thank you all! It's been emotional Daz
  9. NOW SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sorry:
  10. Thanks Mick, its just sitting there and there's good money in it, so best I sell it really. Already got a good bid so fingers crossed. Take care mate Daz
  11. Robin Hood 3A model, Registered 2000, This I bought in 2009 when it had a 2L Pinto and 4 speed box fitted. It was a right mess! The wiring loom at some point had caught fire (previous owner perhaps?), and had been bodged to make do. It had the standard Sierra fuse box fitted which was also a right mess of wiring. I drove the car to the LeMans classic in 2010, and upon my return I decided that there wasn't enough power and everything needed something or another, so I fitted a 1800 Zetec silvertop with 2L cams. ZX6r carbs on a GBS inlet manifold and brand new Pipercross filter, Megajolt programmable ignition using Ford EDIS module and coil pack, 2.8 V6 type 9 5 speed box (with adaptor plate) Shortened alloy sump and a Denso alternator, The exhaust manifold is an Ashley kit which I had welded up professionally, so there are no holes. I then decided to replace the old loom and fitted a new one, with new tiny fuse boxes. I had already fitted new seats and made a new dash inc ETB clocks, as the old one was poo brown colour with the old sierra binnacle. I replaced the clam shell wings with cycle type, and fitted new wing stays. The headlights are new items, as well as the front indicators and side repeaters. The rad is a twin core Coolman type. New silicon water hoses and alloy tube where necessary over the exhaust. I made a complete new pedal box out of 1" square box section and 5 mm steel plate for the brake and clutch pedal mount. I then covered the box in 1mm ali before fitting a new Ka master cylinder, new brake pipes and new braided hoses. I have also removed the old solid anti roll bar and fitted tie bars, and now the car handles superbly. Full wet weather gear also included! New battery also fitted. The wheels and tyres were fitted just before going to Lemans, and have done about 1000 miles so far, they are immaculate and you can still see the coloured tracking lines in the tread. Since the car was rebuilt and MOT'd, I have done about 50 miles due to a back injury. This is what forces sale as I cannot sit in it for longer than 30 minutes before I'm in pain. It is sad, and I don't want to sell it, but as my back is inoperable there's no point in my keeping it. I will MOT it before it goes so there will be a year on it. The car is currently SORN but I will NOT tax it, please bear this in mind. When I MOT'd it after rebuilding it, it sailed through without any advisories, I was well pleased! I paid £3,000 for this in the state that it was in, and I have spent a further £2,000 at least rebuilding it, as well as long winter evenings in the garage. Here comes the bargain........... I want just £3,000 for this, no offers below will even be considered, so please don't bother. I just want back what I paid for it, and you get it without any major work to do. Like any kit car, they are about personal preference, and are they ever finished? You will find something that you may want to change, that's the love with kit cars. It is correctly registered as a Robin Hood kit car, but I haven't got around to changing the V5 to show the Zetec engine number, probably because it's been locked in the garage and only ever started now and again. I will replace the custom made grille with a standard black one. Come on and bag yourself a quick car, you wont regret it! The TVH guys know how much work has gone into this rebuild, and you can also find my rebuild thread on here. Ring for any questions, or send a message. 07909 903239 This is also listed on Fleabay http://cgi.ebay.co.u...em=160810118693 I'm having trouble posting pics as my file size is too big, and photobucket isn't working at the mo. Daz
  12. Hi Bob. The bike is staying, but that is a long term thing anyway due to some of the bits missing, and its not costing anything sat there. I don't want to get rid of the car, but you have to be realistic, I'm never gonna do any long journeys for a long while, and it is depreciating. If my back is operated on and all is well again, then perhaps in a few years I'll build one. Even driving the Jag any distance hurts. But I'm not selling that, LOL.
  13. Thanks Andy. For me its money sitting there just wasting away. No point, IMO, to tax it for it to sit in the garage, or waste the insurance. I can use the money elsewhere, and it is a sorted car now. Daz.
  14. Due to an ongoing back injury, I can no longer sit for more than ten mins in the kit car, so I'm afraid I will be selling her. I will be advertising it on here and flea bay over the next few nights, but if you know anyone who wants it, drop me a PM or contact me thru my profile page. Sorry to see it go, but its wasting away, like me, lol Regards Daz
  15. There are loads of pinto to zetec threads on here, including mine. IMO well worth the work, can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. There's tons of zetecs out there, bolts straight onto a type 9, lighter in weight, links nicer, but big thing for you maybe no room for direct servo, could use a remote servo like fiestas have etc, or just fit a KA master cylinder with no servo like I and many others have, still gives very good braking. Again IMO better brakes as they don't lock up as easy as servo assisted sierra ones did. I done my install for around £500 everything included, but you may need to shop and wait for bits to come up. I'm glad I done it, and I fitted a 1.8 zetec and it is still miles faster than the 2.0 pinto I had. Just put 2.0 cams in the 1.8 and there's not a lot of difference. Daz
  16. Did someone say POLICE? Lol, always late at turning up (said it before anyone else does), dang I missed this too. I would be happy to help in anyway also, although due to shifts I cannot guarantee being on here every day, if that makes any difference? Daz
  17. Why hasn't my car got an EMU? Will a Meerkat do just the same job? Lol!
  18. How do you bake the powder? I'm not going to get my bike frame in the oven! Smaller items won't be a prob, but I've also got a set of rigid girder forks to do as well. I'm only on the other side of AWE so very close to you. Thanks for the offer and I may take you up on it. Daz
  19. Lol, they messed up a pair of plates for me too, and tried to blame me for it, saying that I said the reg wrong. I then explained to his manager that it was his employee that said "just tell me the reg I won't need to see the paperwork" and that this method of work was a slight infringement of the law, whilst opening my warrant card to replace my debit card therein. Manager sees this flash of shiny silver and removes said stupid employee and finally makes the plates himself, after looking at log book and driving licence with great scrutiny, lol.
  20. IMO the Zafira is much better car. But go for the 1.9d. There is much more room inside, better seat configs and toys. Even though I am a staunch Ford fan I loved my Zafira.
  21. 220GPH fuel pump This may just give you an idea of MPG????? :rofl:
  22. I use a Ka master cylinder (no servo) with original sierra front and rear brakes, and it is excellent. There is in my opinion, no need to over brake the car as this will cause problems for you. Use braided lines and ditch the rubber ones for a better pedal feel.
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