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  1. I would like to offer my 2b for sale at £5500 It was completed by myself and a friend in 2004 and it has the following spec: 3.5L Rover V8 (rebuilt about 3k miles ago with head gasket,rings, seals, high lift cam) - with twin SU carbs. Now around 190bhp. New water pump 5speed box LSD from Sierra xr4i High ratio steering rack 4 pt harness Nice leather dash with individual gauges Large fuel tank (holds at least 50 litres) Stainless straight through exhaust system - very loud Fly screen Made to measure radiator + electric fan (summer traffic is no problem) Brand new alloys 15" -
  2. Hi I know there are sometimes "voucher codes" for these events. Just wondering if anyone knows if RHOcar members get any discounts. Any help would be welcome. Thanks Jonathon
  3. Hi Kevin what do you have in your set. My dampers have only done a few hundred miles so they are fine. Do you have the sliding chrome shafts as well? If so can you give me the dimensions. Thanks
  4. Hi I have a lot of play in the bushes on a sliding pillock setup. I realise I will have to get some made up but any ideas how to get the old ones out and how to fit new ones? Thanks
  5. Hi I am new to the forum but I am in need of a new chrome shaft for the sliding pillar setup on my 2b. I bent one during a power induced u-turn which also involved an uninvited kerb!! Can someone tell me the original source for these as I cant recall - I would look up the videos but I dont have a vcr anymore..... If someone has done a conversion to wishbones and the shafts are no longer required then please give me a shout and I might be able to buy the whole lot as I also need to replace the bushes. Thanks
  6. Graham thanks for your reply - did dampertech sell you springs only or were your using coilovers. I am only looking for replacement linear springs for the std sierra ones I have right now. Thanks
  7. I am running a 2b with a rover v8 and everything is good. The front end is a sliding pillar which seems ok other than some bump steer and also some understeer. I have looked at a wishbone conversion but this is too expensive for me right now. Instead of this I am thinking of changing the rear springs as they are std sierra springs which are quite soft. Does anyone know what the std spring rate is and also what spring rate I should go for to get a nice balance between comfort and handling.
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