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  1. AndyJW

    Le Mans2015

    I'm going in the Zero. Tunnel crossing on the Thursday am them straight down to Le Mans, camping in Bleu Nord. Bright orange GBS Zero and a blue with yellow striped Exige. Come and say hello if anyone is that way!! Heading back Monday morning. Leaving from Bedfordshire and meeting the others at Thurrock services, I think our train is 7.30am
  2. That's what I have now got, so thanks for your help.
  3. Sorry should have said. 2.0 blacktop standard clutch, standard flywheel and type 9
  4. On mine which is an early narrow body Zero it was 1000mm. That was the distance required for my half hood from soft bits.
  5. ok, so the clutch problem is nearly fixed. I used a CCT133 and had problems. I have now got the fork pin extension from GBS along with a release bearing. The release bearing is quite a bit smaller than the CCT133 that I had. Can anyone confirm if I have the right bearing or do I use the extension pin and the CCT133. The bearing I was using is just about 42mm and the one GBS supplied is 32mm. Confused dot com Cheers Andy
  6. Be safe and get ford to supply engine age, is it worth another fail for not having it? Quick letter explaining what you need and bingo....(see http://www.locostbuilders.co.uk/viewthread.php?tid=181252 for how quick it was on mine) Ford Technical Department PO Box 300 Walsall WS5 4QH
  7. AndyJW

    Ford Ecu Article

    I used ford ecu, and has full immobiliser and OBD for fault finding. Flew through IVA emissions. Locost builders now has loads of info including a how to. It really is a piece of cake and very cheap way of adding injection
  8. AndyJW

    First Drive

    If your list of things to finish is not that long, get the IVA process started now. Nothing like a test date to get you to the finish line. I booked my test with a few jobs left to do and it motivated me to push to the end. Well worth it. The first drive on the road is even more of an experience!! Good luck
  9. AndyJW

    Le Mans2015

    I went this year in the kit, and will be going next year too. Next year will probably be just me and my brother (he will be in his exige). We had one more in the convoy this year but would rather not have him along next year. Any one else???
  10. AndyJW

    Wanted Apple Ipad

    Not got one for sale but if it help I got a refurb from Apple http://store.apple.com/uk/product/FC706B/A/refurbished-ipad-with-wi-fi-32gb-black-3rd-generation? could not tell the difference between it and a brand new and comes with usual warranty. I don't think they do the 32gb anymore its either 16gb at £399 or 64gb at £479 so we opted for a refurb and it's been spot on
  11. As said, get some break down cover and enjoy it. I broke down this year in Le Mans of all places. Just part of ownership. I got my car back and fixed fine, but I still listen out for things, but then tell myself to just enjoy. Do the regular checks and get some miles on her!
  12. UPDATE.... Popped into factory today and spoke with Richard. Swapped it to a new one without any fuss. Credit to them. As above, well done GBS. Just got to get the car back together and test!
  13. No, mine has no strengtheners at all. Hope they change it
  14. Thanks for the replies, lets see what happens tomorrow when I return it.
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