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  1. Cheers Andy appreciate it thanks ,have a good one summers coming and the 7 will be out
  2. Hi mate just been looking at your posting of the tonneau cover ,I know I'm a bit behind the times ,but I've been away from the site and moving to the other end of the country , have you got any details of the maker of the cover ,would they make them again ? This is what I'm asking. Thanks for the great pictures car looks good with them on . Jeff from Cornwall
  3. I have a pair of build up stands that were made for me ,for my zero build ,they are now surplus ,shame to see them gathering dust . £25 ono
  4. Thank you for organising this trip ,absolutely stunning birds ,I think we've lost a few hairs to the vultures. Good to be out in the car and meet everyone again ,a huge thank you . Jeff &ann
  5. I have a few bit left over from my zero build ,if any one is interested One pair of buildup trestles ,these were made up by a family friend ,very strong £30 Brand new zetec exhaust manifold ,from brand new engine ,this is the standard unit to fit focus £30 And also a brand new inlet manifold from the same new engine ,this is also the standard unit for focus ,comes with fuel rail but NO injectors. £30 Thanks guys Jeff 07725025284. Or jeff.barlow@sky.com
  6. hi all ive got some parts hanging around and may be of use to some one . 1 pair of build up tressales made of steel by family friend and now surplus ,about 3ft high and ideal for buildup £40 1 zetec inlet manifold with fuel rail ,no injectors,these are new parts from a new GBS zetec engine £25 1 standard zetec exhaust manifold ,new never used from brand new GBS zetec engine £30 1 standard zetec 2 part sump ,half ali,lower half steel new part never used from a brand new GBS zetec engine £30 i also have a used ECU from Mtech ,its believed to be a micro squart i have pin out drawings for it ,unfortunatly i couldnt get my zetec running well enough to pass IVA with it so swapped to a emerald,so its sitting around gathering dust anyone interested? £100 any one interested you can email me at jeff.barlow@sky.com or phone 07725025284 jeff (firstime zero) Sump now sold ECU SOLD
  7. jeffszero

    Area Meetings

    hi all any one know whats happened to the thames valley meet? jeff
  8. jeffszero

    First Run

    first run out today in the zero,huge grin factor going on inside the helmets ,shame it was getting dark,have to do another run at the weekend ,whoopie.A huge thank you to simon and everyone else up at GBS for their hard work ,cheers lads :yahoo:
  9. jeffszero

    Passed Iva

    thanks for the congrats,cant wait for a "dry" day ,ill be out and then sourcing replacments for the IVA bits that fell off
  10. jeffszero

    Passed Iva

    just passed IVA so another zero on the road but if anyone wants to know ,do NOT go to MTECH AUTOMOTIVE nothing but bad reports and bad kit,also if anyone is in berkshire please ,please dont use CFM ENGINEERING to tune up your car if you want it back.take it from me its cost me ££££
  11. congratulations well done cant wait till ive done mine
  12. hi all ,i have a set of rear calipers and a set of rear discs ,unfortunatly the discs are 5 stud but the calipers should be ok ,i believe them to come from a st focus.if they are any good to anyone let me know . jeff.barlow@sky.com My oppologies to anyone concerned i have broken rule 7 without noticing ,i was thinking of £30 each for the calipers and £10 for the discs jeff All sold now thanks guys
  13. jeffszero


    hi all happy new year to everyone.iam fitting the dash board (2nd one ,long story)is there any particular way the dials are arranged? ie could they be fitted with the rev counter and speedo in the centre as against directly in front.iam using the new GBS moulded dash and i prefer the speedo etc in the centre of the dash.is there an IVA spacific layout ? sorry to go on ,but ive already messed up one dash and had to buy a new one so dont want to do that again . thanks all jeff ( jeff.barlow@sky.com )
  14. hi all i have a set of rear ford focus discs and calipers from a ST (i think).they are 5 stud and appear to be in good nick ,they are surplus but may do someone ,a shame to throw them . jeff.barlow@sky.com
  15. hi ,ive fitted a mt75 box to a zetec in a zero with no problems at all it just fell in .if your using the dial from gbs then the speedo sensor will have to be fitted to the prop (so im told by gbs).reversing light swqitch im going to make my own .dont forget that you will need the extra release bearing length ,available from westfields have a look at there online site "zetec to mt75".good luck with the build regards jeff
  16. tony, thanks very much for your help ,i have saved your reply and will use it ,i have just now found the modified bearing on westfields site and ordered it £61. not bad considering the anount of hours fiddling with out it .the clutch etc is already fitted on the engine as it was supplied by GBS brand new .appriciate your help thanks regards jeff
  17. hi all ,imgoing to start getting the gearbox and engine ready to fit ,does anyone know the spacer required for the clutch release bearing ?or is there another way to make up the diiferance so the bearing will mate to the clutch? thanks jeff
  18. sorry guys didnt know the holes wernt in a square config i will try again .i knew the answer would be available on here
  19. thanks for the reply i have to admit i thought the hole were in a square ,i will go and try again thanks again guys i knew the answer would be on here
  20. hi bernie thanks for the reply,i can line up 2 hole diagonally but the other 2 dont line up .but i will try again now i have calmed down a bit will let you know how it goes ,thanks again .
  21. hi all ,wondered if anyone could shed some light on a problem i have ,i have a diff(supplied by GBS)3.92 ratio,and a modified prop (also suppled by GBS) the prop does not line up with the diff ,or two out of the 4 holes do but the other 2 are about 1/4inch out,have i been supplied a diff for a 2ltr and a prop for a 1.6 ?for info the gearbox is a MT75. thanks in advance jeff
  22. thanks for the idea ,i hadnt thought of that ,why is it you cant see the answer untill someone points you at it . many thanks again cheers jeff
  23. hi ,looking at your post,regarding the starter motor,ill keep the link thanks ,i did notice that you have fitted a blacktop zetec to a mt75 box,what spacer did you fit for the clutch arm to fit ?been looking around and cant find the size req,and gbs mention removing the pivot point in bell housing and replacing with a bolt to take up the differance and its adjustable. many thanks jeff jeff.barlow@sky.com
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