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  1. Anyone member on here ever can have it for 800 quid
  2. Just put it all on eBay Here's the link Look at this on eBay: GBS zero kit car project http://bit.ly/13nEjKH
  3. See that's the furum I know! I will do cheers again
  4. Yeah totally agree with tha cma I was on that side of the fence when the paying members argument started Just thought I'd rather a member of this club have the opitunty before the bay Cheers
  5. So I offered the forum first dibs on my kit due to me losing my work shop space And it got deleted or I can't see it! WELL DONE I only wanted to give the group first dibs and I haven't renewed my membership so I couldn't post in FOR SALE Like it ain't bad enough me having to abandon the project Cheers no ment to start a argument just shocked really See ya soon It's going on bay in a few hours
  6. Lots of work on don't sell the westy mate what can I take the pi$$ out of if you do!!
  7. How random is that I'm still alive by the way!!!!!!!!
  8. Wel it's the smallest photo ever but I hold the crown for longest build at prescent so you've got some catching up To be done
  9. Opppps I'll get it to you ASAP sorry again
  10. It's because your engine supplier can't be the same as your team used any more hard choices
  11. right same as last year league is called RHOCARf12012 password is rhocar one team per member www.fantasyf1game.net Jess i will get your trophey to you ASAP baby permitting big sorry!!!! good luck
  12. big kev

    Found On Ebay

    GBS ZERO Kit car similar to Caterham, Westfield http://bit.ly/x18RKd Nice and cheap
  13. Steve I have a Hayes manual for ford carbs with our carb init. Once ive serviced mine I'll happily lend it you if you want!!! Cheers
  14. Would there be one for a weber tdlm
  15. Got up this morning to a coffee off the wife
  16. big kev


    Mint!! Better get the servicing kit ordered then. Should be a good challenge!! Cheers mike
  17. big kev


    Cheers mike Will do that Ive just ordered that Haynes manual of bay! Does it give a strip down list, have also been email fast road cars for a while
  18. big kev


    Just found this on bay Looks the same bolt pattern
  19. big kev


    Right then my kit car chums. Webers!!! I've just got the manifold and tldm weber for my dohc. Looking through bay at service kits, looks like a few webers use the same bottom end to connect to the manifold like below The question is which of your guys webers have the same bottom as this one. Looks like a standard fitting Cheers
  20. big kev

    I Found Hens Teeth

    What that short for saw it a couple of times now
  21. Well I say I did the wife brought me a manifold and carb for val's day ( I know what a woman) As you can see its a weber 2v Just wondered where can I get this carb serviced in the west midlands. It needs a good clean, paint and service I think Cheers
  22. Just been window shopping on eBay found this vicki green loom looks brand new and cheap at the Mo Item #: 160735257497 Cheers
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