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  1. hi we have tryed the cheap ones and as the saying goes you get what you pay for,it depends on what sort of qaulity cut you need,we are joinery and use our table saw everday we have a couple on the go we pay about £80 for ours but once you have them if you look after it they should last a life time,we get them shapened once a month then there like new and only cost £10 per blade hope this helps dave
  2. hi al be going down on sat evening is any one else going sat,it will be my first time at blyton and first time on track with the zero,so hopefully the weather should stay nice and the car stay as it is now,will be nice to see other zeros built up
  3. hi steve am at work in morning al pop down when i get finished
  4. davy h

    Gear Box

    cheers al have that off you please pm your details al contact you tonight thanks dave
  5. davy h

    Gear Box

    hi is gearbox still and how much as i would have that off you
  6. davy h

    Redtop Id

    just a update pleased to say that jonathan from vauxhall is the guy to contact i now have all info on where you engine came from,what car,what year it was made,and the vin number of car it came from and the reg it did cost me £80 but it is pease of mind now i have that info i needed so thanks again to andy
  7. nice build looks good where did you get the rubber covers for your front indercators cheers dave
  8. davy h

    Advice Please

    thanks steve/nigel i am going to play around with the relay option this weekend al let you know how it goes headlights sorted now seat belts -can they rap around the seat will that still pass ok? dave
  9. davy h

    Redtop Id

    thanks andy i got his phone number but he is on holiday till monday so al try again then did you only have engine number or did you have reg of car it came from?
  10. davy h

    Redtop Id

    hi all am just looking at iva test requirments and i need to prove year of manufacture of engine,i have engine no and it came from a caviler, vauxhall cant tell me because they need car reg to work they computers,dvla say we cant help but vauxhall should be able to tell me, seems like no one knows,i no that the engine is a early model which was made from 1988-1992, because the timing belt tenstioner on later is self adjust mine isnt,it is a c20xe so i know alot of people dont have this engine but if someone does have you come across this and does it realy matter for the iva?
  11. davy h

    Advice Please

    hi all i have a couple off questions for the iva 1.i have the gbs seats fitted to my zero and i have found that one of the seat belt top mounts does not line up with the seat holes meaning when seat belts are through the holes one is on a angle is this going to be a problem? will i need to reweld in right place 2.has anyone got measurements of how to set the headlight beams? 3.FOG LIGHT!!! where do you take the power to surply to power the fog switch, i can take it from side light power which means it would come on when the side lights are on,but i did read somewhere that the fog l
  12. davy h

    Clutch Cable

    hi does anyone know the best way to shortern clutch cable and the best way of fixing it to a clevis pin i have seen a cable clevis at demon tweeks with a screw to hold cable,will this be a strong enough fixing for a clutch or would a soldered end be required
  13. davy h

    Side Lights

    thanks guys that helps how can i find out if i still need to put a charge light on when i am using a vauxhall redtop or does it not matter what engine you use yes it is a etb dd2 that i am fitting thanks for clearing up how that works i dont have a red wire at switchs and i dont need the red wire at dash to illuminate could i use this wire instead cheers dave
  14. davy h

    Side Lights

    hi i am trying to get all my wires labled up before i start connecting (and i am now stuck) so i am after some help what i am stuck on is i have a grey wire from sierra light switch i also have the loom from gbs and seem to have a red wire from the side lights but it comes out of the loom at the dash point not the colum so is it meant to be at colum? isthis the right wire to be connected? next they is a blue/yellow wire from alternator up to the dash part of the loom but nowhere to connect to i am using a digi dash and there seems to be no connection for that or am i missing som
  15. davy h


    great mate thanks
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