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  1. Hi Bob, Jo sent this yesterday direct from Hampshire Air Ambulance so I think it must be recent.
  2. Are ambulance services are stretched enough
  3. Two more definites please Bob M & R will be joining us.
  4. Tried not to think about Christmas as we have only just come back from our summer holiday. Us two are up for the Bear with the Ragged Ass , and sure R & M will tag along as well.
  5. Would have loved to have done this one as its so close, but have got a family birthday booked at Marwell AINT it just like buses, two come along at once.
  6. Hope to make this one, weather permitting. Dave
  7. Cant make this one ☹ Sorry Bob.
  8. Hi Bob, cant come and watch you play this time as its Torquay Airshow ✈ . But will catch up soon.
  9. Other arrangements Bob !!! Its Mummies Day
  10. What a great way to spend a cold Sunday afternoon. Good food and a great laugh, thoroughly enjoyed it.
  11. Starters Tomato soup x1 Smoked salmon x 1 Mains Roast Lamb x 1 Roast Beef x 1 Linguine x 1 Nut Roast x 1 (Boiled potatoes, veg gravy)
  12. I remember seeing that car recently
  13. Hi Bob, can you please add Mary & Richard to the list. Thank you.
  14. fatherhood

    January Meet ?

    Great day out, always enjoy the museum. Have it on good authority that the Roast Gammon was SUPERB.
  15. fatherhood

    January Meet ?

    Evening Bob, please can we be top of the list. Now definites for Sunday 🛩️
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