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  1. Looks good.

    I was designing a blog space for my build but IT security in work has just blocked all blogs and social networking sites. This might allow people in work to see my progress (or lack of progress).




  2. A few years ago the kids had a coin maker from argos for Christmas you can make plain coins if you don't use the stamp/press, silver or gold. You have to melt the chocolate, then use the template, keep cold in fridge for about an hour and finally wrap them. Lots of sticky fun :lol: , about £15.00 Pink Golden Coin Maker. 383/8190.




  3. Jess,

    Made a mistake on the engine chioce - ebay sierra good runner advertised as 1.6 pinto won the bidding war (sierra's are getting thin on the ground) the seller drove it to my brother-in-laws house. He's 150 miles away and siad it sounded OK, no smoke a bit of documented history so I was happy. Got the car transported to Telford drove it off the transporter and around the estate agian I was happy. Pulled into the driveway to have a good look under the bonnet C**P it had a 1.6 crossflow fitted I checked the history its a 1984/5 Ford sierra import from South Africa. Ford South Africa fitted xflow until the end of 1985. Don't get me wrong I like xflow and they have a lot of potential. Therefore I am going to stick with it and plan for a winter upgrade in a few years. Bottom line don't buy a car of ebay without seeing it yourself!



  4. Hi,

    I have finished stripping the sierra and started to clean, service and paint everything. Before I actually order the RH Zero what else should I be thinking of buying in advance (i.e. nuts, bolts, tools etc). Misses doesn't know about the kit car fund but I want to be as ready as possible and spend a little per month until the kit arrives.


    Thank you


  5. Left school joined army 'REME' for 11 years medical discharge due to injury. Now classed as a war pensioner age 36. Worked in various garages, had ago at MAC tools franchise for 12 months. Joined the AA as a patrol, various promotions I am now the Quality Manager responsible for the management system.


    Great topic, what a varied response a bit like the cars no two are the same.



  6. Daz,

    Looks really good, its surprising how difficult it is to decide the final layout. I'm still stripping the donor and I have shed loads of photos from the shows and various build sites...... but still can not decide.

    Well plenty of time yet - ETB dials on wish list.



  7. Hi Alan,


    I heard the horror stories too, so went for a forward hinging bonnet during my build.

    Click the highlighted text in the following link for some close up photos.

    My Website

    Let me know if you need anything further.



    I found your site very interesting and useful. I intend to use this for my Zero can you post a picture of the hinge area please?




  8. My donor has been using the additive with no problems for years. Although I might change the engine after IVA but for now I'm going to keep using the additive. Stick with it unless you have problems with your valves and seats.



  9. Afternoon all


    Hope you all had a nice Christmas and a great new year. I rang GBSC yesterday to get an update on my Zero delivery next week and was told due to flooding over Christmas a machine had gone down so they are unable to make some of the components.


    The chassis is finished but thats it so delivery could be end of the month. I am quite disapointed as I was all set for the big arrival.



    I`ll keep you updated.




    When did you order your Zero, I am still stripping my donor vehicle and looking for the current lead time?



  10. Hi All,


    As I haven't provided much input to this forum since I joined I thought I would upload all the photos of my Zetec build. Hopefully they will be useful to somebody. Any comments (good or bad) would be appreciated. I’m roughly two thirds through the build.


    Also if anybody is building a Zero in the south I would be grateful if I can come and have a quick peak to see how wrong I have got mine.





    Link to Photos: http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/muddyquads

    Hi Jon,

    I hope mine looks as good as this and I am so envious of the garage space.

    Well done. :good:


  11. whats the best engine to use in the zero kitcar fords ohc dohc or the later cvh i'm new to kitcars please help




    I agree with the age related plate idea, but when I found my donor vehicle it was advertised as a pinto sierra on ebay. The old owner drove it to my brother in laws 150 miles away from me. He said it was running ok so I got transported to my house. Would you beleive it was fitted with the old crossflow engine the sierra was imported from South africa.


    However I like the engine and it is simple to repair and maintain. No problem with spare parts yet! So I have decide to keep it, maybe I'll change my mind after the IVA.




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