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  1. Brands have 20 minutes track time for £25!! Also did anyone on friday find some glasses in the car park??? cheers
  2. I am after a 7 style grill if that one is still up for grabs cheers Chris
  3. Hi guys I have a locost now selling my 2b on eBay only selling it due to poor health so I cheated by getting the locost ready and on the road. My locost has a escort axle and my dash is th acewell 3251 the magnet is threaded so I guess I could cut a thread into the rear uj and mount a bracket in the tunnel or on the chassis? Cheers
  4. Hello all does anyone have any pictures of where to fit a digi dash speedo magnet? Any help would be great cheers Chris
  5. Hi there are you a full member? I've tried to email you but you can't receive any messages. What do you have for sale pm me please
  6. I spoke to the DVLA a couple of weeks ago and they told me to take picture and send them in to them, Dad is right!! They need pictures of the seat belt mountings fuel and brake lines if they are in the tunnel and a picture of you, take a picture of the sierra steering bush to prove it's new, on the day of the test you don't want to be stripping it down to show them the hidden parts. I hope this helps And good luck with your build.
  7. It depends on how deep the scratches are I would start at 1200 then 2000. 1200 Thakes some buffing to remove the scratches you put into the panel. I hope this helps.
  8. Nothing on eBay. I will keep looking
  9. Thanks Nick I will have a look
  10. Hello all, where can I get a brake pressure switch to fit into a 3 way brake union? Cheers
  11. Looks sweet how much was it and what's the make. Cheers
  12. Hi all can anyone tell what is a good digi dash to go for! Any pictures would be good. Cheers
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