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  1. See you there folks (with very dark glasses if Steve aka "Thrashed" is coming in his LBD)!!!!!!!!
  2. Ask yourself why did the builder not have the confidence to put it through IVA (or SVA)? Poor build quality? Why has the present owner really hardly driven it? Could be the same reason - poor build quality? I would not have it as a gift to be blunt!!!
  3. rwh

    Iva Trim - Sharp Edges

    I had the rubber type of catches on for the IVA and changed to the CBS type with R clips. Bob.
  4. rwh

    Fuel Starvation

    Hi Roy, Club nights are on the last Wednesday of the month at the Malt Shovel just off Stonebridge Island on the A45. Come along. We have a few Zeros (mine included) so someone should be able to help.
  5. Everyone make sure you have a camera handy just in case the Ginger Ninja DOES make in the Tangomobile!!!!!
  6. Very true Richy, it was just the shock of him threatening to come in the Zero.
  7. Should be there. Thrashed in the Zero - WOW there's a shock.
  8. I used the Velcro method on my Sabelt harnesses to good effect.
  9. rwh

    Zero Hood Bag

    That's great Ian. Not only is the service really good, but the quality of the product is excellent.
  10. rwh

    Zero Hood Bag

    Hi Ian, the overall length of the hood bag is 960mm and 830mm centre to centre of the roll bar straps, Both end caps are detachable via zips and the length of the tube between the end caps is 725mm. Hope this helps. Bob
  11. rwh

    Zero Hood Bag

    Hi Ian, mine is a standard Zero not the wide body. Sorry can't remember which Caterham it is for but if you contact LSD and let her know what you need she will be able to help. I can get the dimensions of mine if it's of any help and post them tomorrow.
  12. rwh

    Iva Tommorow

    Best of luck with the test. Hope all goes well. Bob
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