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  1. Here here - always pleased when the latest copy arrives. Happy to contribute down the line if needed if you need a sub-editor for copy.
  2. That makes sense - I've looked over two other Dolomite S7s and both have two rails in a V-shape running from the front subframe back into the transmission tunnel. Not thick enough to be called chassis members perhaps but definitely something. It's these that my car lacks and unless they were ground back very smoothly, can't see that they ever existed on my car.
  3. cheesewr

    Steering Column

    I have this model - glad to be hearing from a few more Dolomite S7 owners, though so far no two I've seen seem to be completely alike! Anyway, my steering column does have a bush on it and it is a fairly tight fit through that hole. I have considered cutting it off to give more adjustment, but have also discussed with chairman steve the idea of replacing it with a spherical bearing going through the scuttle. The only reason I can see for keeping it in place is that if the UJ should fail at the bottom end you'd have a steering column moving around in close proximity to your belts. But then if the steering failed that would be the least of your worries...
  4. I have a dolomite S7 and my screen looks like it was made using the original method described above. Aliminium U channel with steel T brackets at each end. Have just stripped it down to tidy up the very ugly brackets. Happy to send you some photos if that helps though you may be best going for the screen from GBS if it fits. And don't worry about your English - much better than my deutsch!
  5. Out of interest, are they proper monocoques or do they have a chassis of some description? Haven't found anyone else with a Dolomite s7 exactly like mine - i.e. no chassis at all (though I'm considering adding one for strength). Where are you? Be interested to get a look at the Dolly if it's not too far away (I'm in Manchester).
  6. Genius - thanks chaps. Will knock up an arrangement like that - probably one to bellhousing by the starter as you suggest, one connecting that to the front subframe (my S7 is a little bit custom as has a TR7 2.0l slant 4 in it) for the front lights etc, and one to the body for the remaining lights and ancillaries.
  7. May be a daft question, but can I just earth my battery to the stainless monocoque on my Dolomite S7, or should I run a cable direct or via the front subframe for the higher current stuff (starter/alternator)? How was it done originally on the S7s - can anyone tell me?
  8. cheesewr


    Hi Colin, I'm afraid the technical term is 'cattle-trucked'. Sounds to me like (at best) the operating system is corrupted because of a hard disk fault and (at worst) you have some serious hardware (motherboard/memory/processor) problems. Sorry for the techie speak. Question is: how old is the PC? If you have data on that machine that you care about, I'd suggest getting it backed up as soon as possible. Sorry I can't give better news. Tom
  9. Apparently he has "a v5 off the doner..." Bloody DVLA. Make you register everything these days...even your kebab!
  10. Hi all, I have a couple of auctions on eBay that may be of interest to members. Firstly there's a 1600 pinto that came with my 'hood - not the Triumph engine it should have and hence it's up for sale. Starting at £1 and no reserve - in Manchester if that's local to you for easy collection. Comes with manifolds, mounts, and some slightly worn sierra rubbers. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=270546492480 Secondly there's a pair of used clamshell wings, one blue, one red (...I know). Perfectly serviceable - off a dolomite S7. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=270546498671 Happy bidding. Tom
  11. Thanks All - it does indeed fit with plenty of room to spare. Now up on ramps and stands and in the process of being stripped...
  12. A friend of mine got well into the Pistonheads forums a few years ago. Being of a scientific mind, he just couldn't let it go when people spouted nonsense and made it his mission to correct them. I remember one thread about torque that went on for weeks with him trying over and over again to explain the concept to a number of highly confident but ultimately clueless posters. In absolute contrast, as a new member I've been hugely impressed with the general helpful tone and honest expertise here.
  13. Wow - given the thickness of the steel in the early hoods like mine, that is truly terrifying. My plan is to make up my own mounts (from mild steel) but I can't decide where to attach them on the monocoque/frame. Two will clearly be attached to the front crossmember at the bottom, but either of my two engine choices (I have a 1600 pinto and a 2.0l straight six that I'm currently choosing between) will need other mounts further back. Where to site those and what to hang them from is the issue. Suggestions welcome!
  14. Hi, Does anyone have a photo or details of where the engine mounts sit in an original dolomite-based hood? Mine looks to have been partly chopped about, and depending on my eventual choice of engine, I may have to chop it about some more. Thanks, Tom
  15. Maybe not - see the photo here - http://ping.fm/p/jbGh2 - , which shows the first test fitting today after getting both car and engine home late last night. Drops straight in! Might need a little tweak around the starter motor and the alternator will need to move over to the other side, but other than that it seems like a fairly simple fit. Just need to fabricate some new engine brackets (he says, mock confidently). Bloomin heavy lump, and I have a pinto just in case it doesn't work out. But there is something enormously appealing about a straight six in a dolly-based machine... dream dream... Bad news is that I think the car as a whole needs a lot of work to get it IVA-worthy (thought it had been on the road before but now not so sure). But I'm in no rush.
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