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  1. Does this already have the press studs in ?
  2. I'm looking at making a new bonnet for my gbs zero as since I have changed the engine I have a few unused holes. I have spoken to gbs who want over £180 which I feel is a lot so was looking to have a go my self as I have access to a folder and a guillotine. But was wondering how was best to form the shape? Has anybody done this before ?
  3. http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=41264#entry325332 Same car ?
  4. Thankanfor that exactly what I wanted
  5. Can sombody send me the dimensions from the centre of the roll bar to the middle of she screen
  6. greavesy7

    2B Any Takers

    Thank you for the photos I'll be in touch
  7. greavesy7

    2B Any Takers

    I haven't received the photos can you check they went your end please
  8. greavesy7

    2B Any Takers

    Can you email me some pictures please might have somebody interested adamgreaves8@gmail.com
  9. All sorted they are the same as the wheel nuts I Just turned some down and used some thread lock
  10. Ive lost the nuts some how for my top and bottom ball joints they look like m12 but wil a different tpi can so body tell me what they are ?
  11. So one on bottom for rears ones on side for backs. I've always had a problem bleeding my breaks on the back and I think I may have found out why
  12. Just having a mental block. Which outlet on the cylinder feeds the rear brakes ?
  13. It's physically impossible to have it dead straight with a bike engine unless you have a sidecar with the engine in
  14. I've done a lot of diggin today so I think I should be ok now. My prop has a uj in the middle so I'm planning on having the rear section from the diff to the middle uj straight as poss then there may be. 5-10 degree Angle to the engine
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