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  1. having my MOT due at end of june,i thought i would run over my lights yesterday,everything works fine except for when i switch on high beam on my headlights,the left side is fine,but the right side is dim. low beam is fine for both sides. Any ideas???? its a 2.0l sierra ohc wiring loom. thanks
  2. jamespacker

    Le Mans 2010,anyone Going?

    as title says!!!!
  3. jamespacker

    Introducing Myself!

    nice one,thanks steve. recieved them yesterday.
  4. jamespacker

    Introducing Myself!

    hi woolly, im in good old st austell!! cheers james
  5. jamespacker

    4 Seped To 5 Speed Gearbox In 2.1 Pinto

    cheers for the info guys,im only burning round my local B roads,not racing or doing any big tours.so by the sounds of things,i'll stick with the 4 speed for the moment.thanks for the info
  6. jamespacker

    Introducing Myself!

    hi everyone,im new to the robin hood community. i've just purchased a robin hood 2b with a 2.1 pinto engine. i have cheated a bit and bought one already built,i didnt want to jump in at the deep end and build my own one just yet.!! im gonna keep this one as it is for the up and coming summer months then in the cold and wet winter,do some modifications.i dont know what yet but im getting some good inspiration from you guys on here. ive paid to become a full member,do i recieve a membership card or anything?? cheers everyone,james
  7. hi there,i've just popped my robin hood cherry! but i have cheated a little and gone and bought an already built car. anyway,its got a 2.1l pinto with a 4 speed box. any advantage of putting on a 5 speed? is it a straight swap??? cheers guys,james