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  1. I just had the same problem on my car and although not same engine or carbs, it is something you can check. On mine, the idle jet(pretty sure that's what it's called) had simply unscrewed itself probably with vibration, and fell out. My car had spark and it would drive without problems except for bit of popping. Luckily it had fallen onto chassis rail and had got stuck in corner. Screwed back in and all well. With mine, I also, tried spraying carb cleaner into each throat. The engine would almost die on the other 3 but engine increased when sprayed in faulty one Hope this helps
  2. We have had one by use for the past 3 or 4 years and I think it's a brilliant event. All makes of car and bikes to keep everyone amused and if they do a parade Lap like they do here then it makes it even better. The only problem with the one by us is it's run by aintree racecourse and unless you a member then it's getting very hard to participate in the parade. They quite happy for you to display vehicle tho, and they run everything else very well. Quick vid from the ormskirk motorfest. Lots more on youtube to whet your appetite. If it was closer, I would sign up for Coventry one.
  3. Search for hobbyweld. They sell gas all over country and you don't pay rent for the bottle.
  4. Think I off for both dates. Gbs zero J172 aeo Cheers Steve
  5. Looks a very good product. Did you buy from UK or get it from US? What did you use to get aluminium shiny. Wouldn't mind polishing my zero like that
  6. On my zero, I put the roof roughly in position, attach front to screen then attach the rear. After this, I then use the brackets to put the tension in. I got rid of the rubbish tie straps supplied and I use a ratchet strap I purchased from aldi/lidl. Seems to tension it a lot better and easier. Also it is a lot harder to do when material is cold Hope this helps Steve
  7. Well done. With regards registration, if you have a local Dvla office, try there. I got mine registered same day. Tried Manchester which was useless but Preston was really helpful and all went through no problems.
  8. Hi steve Got my pass thanks Hope you have quiet nights. Weather not looking the best for Saturday. What time are people getting there each day? I know you have to be in for 10.30 Steve
  9. Hi steve Should have me down but just in case Saturday 2 adults Gbs zero J172aeo Thanks Steve
  10. Hi steve Saturday in August for me please. Working others. Gbs zero j172 aeo Thanks Steve
  11. U2u sent re wet weather gear Steve
  12. Thanks Nigel. Saw the hooding vinyl at woolies but wasn't sure. Unfortunately the exeter show is too far from me. I am in the northwest. I checked out local suppliers for vinyl but it stretched and didn't seem very durable. Steve
  13. I was looking for more of a cloth or vinyl type material bit like tonneau cover stuff
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