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  1. Malmaison hotels are nice, generally good offers and often give you the chance of a cut price upgrade after you've booked
  2. Today marks the end of an era, I've just sold my Zero! Simply because since I started the build we've had a baby, who is now a toddler and I just don't have the time for a second car!! Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has helped me over the years, I wouldn't have got to any of the milestones without the group. I have mentioned the group to the new owner, hopefully he will join. He is young lad in the Hinckley area so please keep an eye out for G998KOG. Still got a love for the cars so although not an avid poster, I'll be around. And because I care, I hope the car makes it from Basingstoke to Hinckley, that'll be the longest journey it has ever done by far! Aidan
  3. Have you got details of ownership? Does it stack up with him only owning it for a few months?
  4. Asked about iva/sva: Hi Sorry I only bought it a few months ago myself, so not sure. Great fun though Jonathan.
  5. No other obvious symptoms. I've got a couple of new washable filters on order to prevent any further blockage issues, if that's the problem. Head was cleaned up when the cam was changed, think some valve work was done but I didn't do the work myself. I'm using an ITG filter. Not heading out to garage for a few evenings but will take on board all of the above.
  6. Ok, the problem reoccurred today but much worse than it had been previously! I was dying at every stopping point. Next plan of action, clean the idle jets and take another look at the screw setup. Clearly something not right!
  7. I ran mine all the way to the engine bay and then it's closed off as not needed for my carb setup. Idea being it's there if I ever need it
  8. Grateful for all the advice! Got the car out in a dry spell, running great
  9. Think its pretty much there now. Following the procedure set out by Nigel, the end results are that idle speed went up by 1/4 turn and mixture was enriched by 1/2 turn. Tested on the drive, seemed ok and then tested going up and down the street, no obvious lag or momentary weakness; then it started to rain so the toys went away! Idle is now around 900. If there any further adjustments then I'm sure they will be fractions. Having marked up the starting positions I'm going to remove to marks once the engine has cooled and then remark up once its dry again. Thank you all for the advice.
  10. Thanks Nigel. Just so I've understood this, you're essentially saying as its a new carb that I should: - adjust idle speed to achieve a sound tick over - if needed, adjust idle mixture - possibly investigate float hieght -if all else fails, then check jets, strip carb and clean etc. and investigate any leaks (not present at higher revs) The carb has only done a few hundred miles so I would be worried if the jets were dirty/clogged already
  11. Was going to be second on the list once I had checked for air leaks
  12. Just to add to the post....... Got the kit all warmed up this evening but had to hold the revs around the 1000 mark to stop it cutting out. This meant that when I got out to spray wd40, the car died! Get a mate coming round to assist at the weekend, or I'll force the idle speed up a little whilst I test for leaks
  13. I'll give the wd40 test a go. Kind of hoping it isn't an air leak, especially gasket/manifold as I really don't want to be taking things apart! Down to pure stubbornness rather than anything else!!
  14. Would you recommend this if the carb was new on when the cam was done? Happy to give it a go it worthwhile!
  15. Idle with full choke is about 1200, once warm and on a run it drops to about 600-800rpm but chugs I'll take a look at the mixture asap Thanks!
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