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  1. hi ive found my spare cossie plenum when i get spare hour at the weekend ill make a few sketches and stick on or send them to if you want nick
  2. hi that sounds a good plan you should be ok up to about 1 bar boost (14 psi) with no probs going down the tuning route is good as it puts a different stresses on the engine to a turbo and far more friendly to a zetec be careful with the cam choice on a boosted engine n/a cams wont work well type 9 are a good box you can get a t5 in a 2b just but not sure about a zero but it should rip well and 250 to 300 is loads in 1 of these and power is the enemy of handling but ill sort the plenum out and do the sketches or you could borrow it if required as sometimes its easier to put in place and have a
  3. hi just another thought what gearbox are you going to use
  4. hi i think youll have probs with the plastic as the charge fom the turbo will still be hot even after the intercooler producing the power isnt a problem you can easily get 500hp if you wanted but its getting it to hold together is the issue remember the duratec and zetec were designed and built as disposable engines when knackered throw it away and buy a new 1 . and unless youve got a reinforced block, a steel crank. steel rods forged pistons and youre comp ratio lowered to 8 to 1 max you seriously need to be careful how much boost you run as its disheartening to do all that work and blow
  5. hi no probs not sure if the plenum in garage or at work give me a few days and ill sort it outand do some sketches and photosand theyre cheap on fleabay you could then sort a back plate to suit. dont forget if you run a t34 the air side is physically bigger so room could be an issue. you also need to think about oil feed and return to the turbo and also water feed and return have you done any mods to the bottom end as if you want 300 hp plus you seriously need to think about head bolt threads, head bolts, head gasket.crank.rods.block etc from what i hear the zetec isnt that strong turbos ar
  6. hi just another couple of thoughts youll have to upgrade your breather system as turbo engines breath a lot heavier so need to fit a breather to the cam cover it really makes a difference have you looked in to ecu. map sensor amel valve .etc? ill have a look ive probably got a cossie plenum kicking about if you want i can take some measurements and make a couple of sketches if that would help
  7. hi ill have a complete set for a 2b available soon if that fits ill have check the condition as its been in storage for 2 years nick
  8. hi a standard t3 is ar 42 air and ar42 exhaust this is more than capable of produceing 300hp your bottom end isnt strong enough for that many horses and the bigger the turbo the more lag as they dont spool up as quick, look at a cossie plenum if your going to run 1 throttle body you can turn it round as the zetec inlet on the other side of the engine.youll need an inercooler get a bar type rather than a tube type theyre far more efficient thereare loads available than can cope with 250 hp and fit in youre car at sensible money
  9. sorry thats the fleabay item number
  10. hi i agree about the jenvies throttle bodies are the way forward you would need to take very little off the pistons to lower the comp ratio not sure of the shape of the zetec pistons but if done correctly you wouldnt weaken them and you improve the shape of the quish. be carefull with decomp plates is very easy to warp the head when running even low boost then it gets expensive check item 2210 4978 7602 he may sell you the manifolds , turbo etc
  11. hi i shouldnt think the gbs plenum would be an issue with the boost as realistically the most you could ran would be 1.5 bar which is 22psi as the bottom end wouldnt be strong enough for any higher boost. so the plenum would be pretty poor if it could take that pressure . also keep your compression ratio down to 8 to 1 max or youll get issues. not sure a de comp plate the best way to go propably better to get the pistons machined, youll need quality head bolts and gaskets but 250 hp is a pretty realist figure with a t3 and still keeping reliability nick
  12. hi glad to see theres several loonies out there im currently in the final throws of my cossy conversion im trying to fit the 2wd cossy 4 pot calipers but the offset is totally wrong to make them fit the sierra hubs ive got cossy hubs but the bottom ball joint is wrong does yours have taper fit ball joints ie the nut on top or parallel fit ie the the bolt horizontal any chance of a few pics of the caliper fitment and bottom ball joint/hub many thanks nick
  13. hi sorry forgot youll need a injection fuel pump sytec are very good about £65 and pressure reg to set fuel pressure at 3.4 bar cheers nick
  14. hi webbers are better full stop on a pinto the bike carbs are reliant on vacunm to operate the slide to open the main jet they are designed to operate at much higher rpm so the pulse speeds are totally wrong to operate the diapragm correctly. also you have the slide and a butterfly and a needle interfereing with the air flow webbers only have the butterly and no vac operated slide. for any old gits like myself when contemplateing bike carbs think strombergs!!!! what a pile of junk they were.bike carbs operate on the same principle be it a little more refined and when building any performance
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