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  1. Gts

    Pinto Engine Mounts

    Hi richard7 unfortunately they are not the ones I need but thanks anyway nick
  2. Gts

    S7 Chassis Strengthen

    that is what i was worried about if it was a known prob i will have to strip back under seal and paint to check for any signs of cracks as mine has no angle think i will fit angle and weld in the box section anyway just to be safe. thanks nick
  3. Gts

    Pinto Engine Mounts

    Thanks daz these things are like rocking horse s**t
  4. Gts

    Pinto Engine Mounts

    Thanks lads no one local to me stocks them or can get them looked on eBay found sum that I think are the same and they the cosie ones so should be slightly better than standard
  5. Gts

    Pinto Engine Mounts

    hi all im looking for the rubber mounts for a pinto if any one has some going spare or knows of where i could some from
  6. hi Jeremy there was a expantion tank on my s7 before i striped it, it was mounted to the front of the front suspention sub frame in side the nose cone only differance is mines a 1600 pinto but would imagine it s the same set up regards nick
  7. Hi all has any one added strength to an s7 tub on the engine bay floor as there looks to be a weak point where it meets the bulk head if so would 25*25 steel box do the job and should I run it from front of bay right back as far as I can before it protrudes out the side fo tub
  8. I'm also having the same problem I paid at delting as a new member and have not turned yellow so it looks like a glitch but was same on old site
  9. Bad luck but at least you have your list now I take it there were no probs with it being a mono
  10. Hope all has gone ok today keep us all up dated Cheers Nick
  11. Gts

    S7 Iva

    Hi nice car has yours got sierra lower arms at front or The rh items looking good nick
  12. Gts

    S7 Iva

    Mine is not stainless it's steel but hopefully shouldn't be to different I know it not going to be easy
  13. Gts

    S7 Iva

    Has any one put an s7 mk1 in for iva if so how did things go and were there any problems
  14. Gts

    Engine Mounts For S7

    One of my rubber mounts has broke I'm putting the 1.6 pinto back in for now until something else comes up in future
  15. Gts

    Engine Mounts For S7

    Iv had a look though haynes manual and the mounts are from doner the doner iv got in bits in my garage is dohc mounts are not same as pinto mounts
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