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  1. Ascari

    Radiator For 2B

    couple of pics of current rad many thanks all
  2. Ascari

    Radiator For 2B

    Oh, ok, cool. Many thanks anyway!
  3. Ascari

    Radiator For 2B

    Hi, im in North Wales, i would be more than happy to arrange a courier if its convenient for you. is the rad in goog condition? how much you want for it? many thanks, Anthony
  4. Ascari

    Radiator For 2B

    Hello all, Hope you are all well, Well after a six month break from building I`ve decided that its time to crack on again!! The last time that I was building was the first time that I had started the engine following a major rebuild. Unfortunately after a few mins I decided that I could not resist hearing my new twin forties open up and so gave her a little rev! To my horror the viscous fan flexed and buried itself into the bottom of my nice new radiator spraying its fluids out all over the floor!!! (bucket shoved under in disgust and shed doors shut!! bit of a tantrum I have to admit but probably not the first to have done so!! lol :-( So I am looking for a new radiator, preferably the same as the one supplied in the kit for the sliding pillar wide arch 2B as I have already made it fit. Beer tokens await for anyone that may have one for sale or if you know where I may find one It would be much appreciated!! Oh, and it goes without saying that if it has or you know where I can find an electric fan so as to dispose of the viscous piece of s**t that too would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance peeps!
  5. Ascari

    Big Day Tomorrow

    Hey all, SHES ALIVE!!!! Ok so as always not everything has gone quite to plan! Brand new water pump emptied all my coolant out every where and then the new fan belt ordered for the engine was wrong!! but not deterred a set of tights was wrapped and tied around the pulleys so as to keep things turning (show some willing at least!!) connected up the fuel, installed a remote oil pressure gauge and connected the battery. Pulled off the plug leads and began to spin her over. Oil Pressure began to rise, sparks are present and correct, fuel has begun to fill the webers!! lets plug in the leads and see how we go. A few coughs and suddenly like Frankensteins Monster, Life!!! growling like an engine poised for fun. How dissapointed she must have been to find she is sat in a vehicle that barely comprises of anything and a long way from being pushed to find her limits!! Even so, the noises she made has deffinately instilled the motivation to continue on. Lets face it, The old girl has been given a new lease of life, and having fired up so quickly I now feel that i owe it to her to let her loose on the beautiful roads of north Wales and beyond! I have taken a short video of tonights events and if I can work out how to do it i`ll post it online, Until next time! Anthony
  6. Ascari

    Cleaning Valves

    Hey, not looking to upset anyone but in the marine industry we are taught to ensure that the dull, satin finish you are discussing on the valve seats and valves is to be kept to a minimum. The reason being that usually the seat and valves are cut at slightly different angles, ie, seat at 43 degrees, valve at 45 degrees (or visa versa!) this means that there will only be a small area where the two meet, minimising the chance of the valve closing on a loose piece of carbon or dirt preventing the valve from sealing or causing damage to either part. The wider the sealing area, the more chance of damage. If you find that when lapping in your valves the width of the band is quite wide I believe you should be having your valves and seats re-cut. Like I say, thats marine and based on big American V8`s and not automotive. hope this helps and doesnt offend, Regards, Anthony
  7. Ascari

    Big Day Tomorrow

    Hey all, Well as ive said above, big day tomorrow. Finally finished building and installing my pinto and she is ready to fire up for the first time. Engine spec- Re-bored to 2.1L with over-sized pistons and rings All new bearings and seals and gaskets, New oil pump, New water pump, Head skimmed, Ported and polished, Group 1 stainless valves, Kent FR32 Cam, Turbosport alloy adjustable vernier, Twin 40 Webers, Ford EDIS4 electronic ignition with Megajolt Custom modular loom with Acewell Digital Dash, Lightened flywheel New altenator, The obvious full respray. seems to be a lot to go wrong but lets see what happens, I`ll let you all know how i get on. Fingers crossed!! lol C Ya!
  8. Ascari

    2b Stainless Exhaust

    Hi All, Im looking for the exhaust side pipe and back box for a 2b. I have, what I believe to be, the standard 4-1 stainless manifold for a pinto. If any one has or knows where there is a stainless side pipe and back box for sale or knows of a suitable alternative I would be very greatfull, Many thanks in advance, Anthony
  9. Ascari


    Hi, If the car is road legal you could drive it down to the local paint mixing shop. They`ll have colour charts with which you could match it by eye, takes some time but if they have a good range (and a keen eye!!) you should be able to get a good match. We use the charts to match up boat colours alot and it "nearly" always works out, I hope that helps,
  10. Ascari

    8ich Brake Drum Internals

    Hi All, I am really struggling to find the internals for the early ford sierra rear brake drums. I have sand blasted and powdercoated the back plates, bought new drums, new shoes, new fitting kits and brake cylinders. Because of this I dont really want to convert to 9 inch drums. I`m missing the handbrake adjusters, hold off arms that seperate the shoes and all fixings and fittings related to these parts. If anyone has or knows where a set of these parts is I would be very greatfull, Beer tokens await!! Many thanks in advance
  11. Ascari

    Stainless Rear Panel

    Hi, are the panels still available, many thanks, Anthony
  12. Ascari

    Wiring Loom For 2b

    Hi all, I'm looking for a complete wiring loom for a 2b (sliding piller) if anyone has one for sale just let me know, many thanks, Anthony
  13. Ascari

    Sierra 8" Rear Drums

    Hi Kerry. That would be a great help!! Still struggling to find the parts! Let me know when you have the parts off and I'll happily weigh you in, many thanks
  14. Ascari

    Sierra 8" Rear Drums

    Hi all, I'm in the middle of building my 2b and have come across a problem! I have replaced both rear drums, wheel cylinders, fitting kits and shoes only to find I don't have the handbrake adjusters and hold off arms to separate the shoes! and I can't seem to find them anywhere! Having spent so much (not to mention blasting and powder coating back plates!) I don't want to change to 9". If anyone has these parts Or knows where I can find them I would be very grateful! All 6 pieces in total, I think!! Cheers in advance