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  1. paulsnow

    The Hood For Sale

    Car now sold
  2. paulsnow

    The Hood For Sale

    I am going to reduce the price to £4995 . Please contact me if you are interested in viewing the car . It is taxed and insured so I can take you out for a test drive.This car is one of ten ever made I have only seen one other on the road .So if you what something different this is the car for you
  3. paulsnow

    The Hood For Sale

    Just like to add a few more details about the car. It has a raceline sump and a lightweight flywheel. A westfield 5 inch exhaust which has been modified to allow it to be repacked. The diff is a 3.92 and it has drum rear brakes which are much lighter than discs. The suspension is fully adjustable and has on-board front shocks for less unsprung wieght This car is a lot lighter than a 2b
  4. paulsnow

    The Hood For Sale

    Yes I'm in Dunstable Bedfordshire
  5. paulsnow

    The Hood For Sale

    I'm open to sensible offers if you are interested
  6. paulsnow

    The Hood For Sale

    Sorry got the price wrong it should be £5995 ono
  7. paulsnow

    The Hood For Sale

    The time has come the sell my hood Sva d 2008 2litre zetec with jenvey throttle bodies Emerald ecu 9800 miles and a new mot Mt75 gearbox with quick shift rebuilt 3 years ago Etb instruments and carbon cloth dashboard Lotus Elise seats and a rollcage Lightweight wheels and new toyo tr1 tyres This car also has rear wishbone like the zero You will not find a better handling robin hood I have more images pm if you need more unable to up load anymore Please pm if you need anymore details £6995 ONO I'm open offers
  8. paulsnow

    Project Valtezza

    The hood uses inboard shocks ar the front
  9. paulsnow

    Seat Help, Need Inspiration.

    Try a set of lotus Elise seats I've got them in my car. They are narrow but very comfortable. Make sure they come with the original seat frames.
  10. paulsnow

    Project Valtezza

    Found this most are to big to post
  11. paulsnow

    Project Valtezza

    Hi just to let you know I have owned a hood for the last eight years . I have build photos of my car if this would help .My car is running a 2.0 zetec on throttle bodies with a emerald ecu . I will be bring the car to Stoneleigh this year .
  12. paulsnow

    Engine Slow To Start When Hot

    Had this on my car . Changed the battery for a new one now starts when hot or cold.
  13. paulsnow


    Not sure you rebuilt it I had done through automotive racing solutions the chaps name is mark and his telephone number is 01773719287
  14. paulsnow


    Had my mt75 rebuilt last year cost £475 it now has a much better shift it was worth every penny
  15. paulsnow

    Kit Builder

    You could try Automotive solutions and racing mark has done a lot of work on my car .He also completed it for its sva His phone number is 01773 719287 His address is unit 15 . Baily brook park . Amber drive . Langley mill . Ng164be