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  1. It's all back out... and the bar is back in. Maybe in the future when I have more time I will start again.
  2. Checked the room and sizes again and again, but I'm not going to do it.. Nobody in the Netherlands has done this, and I'm just afraid I will drill the wrong place. I keep ending up near the engine mounts, and there is less then 1 cm room between the side and the mount. No option to mount something. I will mount the Sierra bar back in place and get it lined up again.
  3. Thanks, wil check this weekend the exact location.. Can twist a bit and shorten the tiebar if needed.
  4. Can anybody give me some more measurements please? installing the Tiebar conversion as winterjob now. I got the tie bar designed as on the image from Richard, got the Sierra bar out to see how and where they will fit but I am not sure where to mount the bracket on the car. I can only drill holes ones in the body . What Are the angles and or inches for mounting them on the right place. When I fit them as they are now they come at 35 cm (14 inches) from the support arm mounting. But this is at the same place the engine mounts are in.. so no space for a bracket / L plate on the inside.
  5. Thanks @brumster, really good advice! Will start over, and tweak it bit by bit. I have a well known road to test it.
  6. Hi, Yes GAZ coils have clicks, 20 in total.. So I started on 10.. but, not sure what is soft (more damping) and hard (stiffness) so
  7. OK, so 1.5 full circle from -.. but is - soft, or hard? Can not really ind the correct info. Also need to remove the Sierra antirollbar to fit the tie bars.
  8. Got them all fitted up in te car, the front was terrible to reach, even had to disconnect the radiator and coil to get the bolts out but they are in. In the front I have them a bit lower then before, the rear is the same height. But now, I am struggling with the set up.. on the screw is a - and a + I have started in the middle and have been testing with +2 towards the +.. and been doing this for a few times now but I can not seem to get it correct. I believe I have it to hard, on asfalt, no problem.. but on a brick road, my teeth are coming out and my kidneys have dents in them.. Not really sure how to set them and is - or + softer?? kinda lost. I think specially the rear is the working area.
  9. And they have arrived I have fitted the rear ones yesterday, the front ones I will start on today, this is a bit more work with the stainless steel bar in front. Will let you all know the outcome.!
  10. Great to hear that I have the right sizing.. Can't wait to receive them.
  11. Thanks for the image en info. I have just ordered a custom set of GAZ GP Range @ Dave from Dampertech. 14"open, 10"closed.. Mine has a different top mounting box at the top. Otherwise 16"would have been perfect. I ordered 200LBS springs with them.
  12. Dave from Dampertech is sorting stuff out for me regarding the shocks. Now about the spirng rate for the rear, would 125 also be enough? I took the old out of the rear, and this one is very dead. 14"open 10" closed with a pen mounting on top.
  13. Thanks for the info. Dave from Dampertech Should be back from hi sholiday after the weekend so I will ask him if he has any options for the rear.. The front ones I will take: Coilovers 13" open, 9" closed 1,9" ID diameter with 125 LB springs. Is Gold racing worth the extra pay? or will the regulars work also just fine? Or will this also be fine for my road use? GAZ Universal Coilover 1.9" 13” Open 9”
  14. Do you have some images of the rear shocks/mounting points?
  15. Thanks, where they the same size as the old ones in front? or is ride height changed? they are 125 lb.
  16. @scoobydo71, Did you order the shocks advertised in the ebay add? What do you have in the rear?
  17. @Scoobydo71 Thanks, will check it out, should be fine also I think with 125lb springs, at this moment it's like, bye bye kidneys..
  18. Dave from Dampertech contacted me. Hopefully we can get it sorted out.
  19. Hi Nicko, Yeah found it Thanks! Will ask them for more info.
  20. Thanks.. I'm fron the Netherlands, no idea who Dave from Dampertech is.
  21. Don't know the brand, it's all rust with a spring around it. Need to get them from underneath to see what brand it is I think.. Wil do this in the coming week.
  22. Thanks TheDuck.. I hope not many of the owners still use the original shocks.. I have driven now 250 km in total after finishing it nd already annoys me so much I need to improve it.
  23. The front shocks are inside. Any contact that can help me out in this? maybr a contact @ GAZ or something? from the Netherlands, there is almost nothing to get. Measuring is an option, but it's all from new (1998) are these dimensions nowhere avaliable.. car height is ok for me
  24. Hi All, After finishing my 7 last year for the RDW (Dutch IVA) engine rebuild, partly renewed the outside, new wrap, exhaust shield, new diffusor I now want to renew my suspension. I own a 1998 S3A with the original shocks/springs (horrible) and the front Sierra bar. I had some tie bars made that are to find here on the forum, included with all new rubbers etc. to be fitted when I also fit new shocks. In the Netherlands not a lot of info is in the market for these cars, so therefor I would like to know what I need to get. GAZ provides these for a decent price I believe, but what length/size shocks do I need and what weight of springs? I have no idea. The cars weight is 680. KG.. add 100 kg when I'm in it.
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