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  1. I have made 150 km's now in the new setup, and everything is still in plac. Did not loose any parts and the diffusor has not hit the road/curbs :)
  2. Did not get to it yesterday, had to fix other things first, hinges, fueltank etc. But did make a cardboard plate for the idea. Will check tonight if I can work with fibreglass to get this smooth
  3. Yes, I think that is how I am going to make it.. maybe not steel, but this evening I have time to enter the garage
  4. I am also glad it's a bit higer, otherwise I would look over the windscreen.. I have a cardboard mockup of the gap.. Now thinking of making it out of metal, plastic or fibreglas.. Will be continued. Thanks for the advice and images!
  5. That T strip will not be enough, the original build has left quite a large gap +/- 3 cm below the middle en in the corners even more. The option richyb66 has made maybe is a good solution for this. Masking tape (the purple one) will come off just fine of the wrap. Filling the gap with sealant is an option, but I sant this to be done nice :)|Wil make some pictures later today.
  6. Hmmm and you know where I can get this?? Before I took the windscreen of the gap was just sealed with sealant.
  7. Hi All, My S3A is almost ready to go back on the road.. I have wrapped the complete car, and painted the windscreen frame black.. Now I need to put it back on, but how do i fill te gap between the scuttle and the windscreenframe? I have ordered:https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/black-polyurethane-adhesivesealant to fill this gap, but what is the best working way to do this and so it will still look ok.. Other solutions are also welcome
  8. I will survive, lowest point is between the rear wheels So speedbumps will not be a issue.
  9. Don't know yet, Have to put the wheels back on.. But not much in believe
  10. Hi All, Just wanted to let you all know that my RH is almost ready to go back on the road. Check it here Click the link above to see the transformation from silver/yellow.. to bleu with diffusor.
  11. They are finished.. I had made my own brackets but could not get the cyclewings fitted the way I wanted. Last Saturday I changed a few things on the brackets, cut them in half welded a small piece in between to make them 1/2 inch longer and now they fit like a charm. had to drill some new holes, but closed the old ones up already.. so now they are ready for the wrap have a wonderfull new year!
  12. Thanks, after Christmas I'm allowed to go in the garage again :)
  13. Thanks! I will check out the rally design ones, I have made them myself, I can weld, grind, weld again... no problem, but I don't seem to get them to fit correct.. Therefor I wanted to see what the price is to buy a set, otherwise I will go to the welding table again. In the Netherlands there is not much choice for buying this kind of parts. To all, offcourse happy holidays.1
  14. `Hi, I have the long wings on my 7, but I would love to change to cyclewings, I have the wings already but now I need the brackets.. I think I have Sierra hubs/brakes, but i bought it build so not 100% sure. Where can I buy the brackets?
  15. Thanks.. Wait till spring when the new color is on finally getting rid of the steel..
  16. The Diffusor is back in one piece, now, only need to fill the small cut line with black gelcoat, dans it down and polish it. It is bolted on, and looks awesome
  17. I have decided not to extend it.. I made a bracket that can bolt on to the differential hold op up points. this way hot air can escape. The diffusor is a few cm higher than the floor panels so I will test it first how it is when he is done. It's in glasfiber now so that has to dry out a few hours. I left the brackets in for extra support.
  18. For aerodynamics, off course I agree, but it's for roadies only, no track days or what so ever. this afternoon I'm going to work on it further so will check the options again..
  19. Hi all, I was able to buy a diffusor from GBS Zero for a steal, yes it was cut in half, but that's no issue because it would be needed to cut in half to fit my S3A. I am experiencing a few issues with mounting the diffusor. Offcourse I have cut it up to size for the Sierra rear axle, no issue there. I also know I need to "close" it up to the bottom of the trunk so no wind can catch it. But at the differential part I have a fixing issue. I can do 2 things.. Extend it so it will reach the bottom of the car.. or cut it shorter and box it up after the gastank.. So I would need to shorten it a lot, no problem.. This will also make fixing it easier... But offcourse is not how it is supposed to be. Few images from fixing it on the car, and the rear.
  20. Yes that's correct, Belgium is more difficult. But I do not know those rules. The past few years it has got more difficult because from 1998 we have to get MOT demands from that year, so cat, Injection, Lambda and CO2 regulation.. that's difficult with a Pinto or X flow engine. Trust me, costed me a total engine rebuild and conversion to EFI.. but, needed this engine because it was on the UK registration. Otherwise I could not have imported it. But before 1998 builds, registered correctly in the UK is no problem. Building from new is very costly due to the CO2 tax, it is possible but will cost you more than 15/20K only Electrical or Diesel is cheaper. Yes I get a lot of thumbs up, and small talk when we stop. Mostly I go driving with my daughter, 5 years old strapped in her child-carseat Also everybody looks when you drive by and walks around the car when parked... It is a bit rare here, but there are more.. Not as much as in the UK. Would love to visit the big Kitcar event next year There are 2 active clubs in the Netherlands.. Kitcarclub.nl a mix from Westfield/RH/MNR/MK/Fury etc. And the other club is Supersevenclub NL, but here are mostly the more expensive ones, Caterham/Donkervoort/HKT/Dax etc.
  21. My father in law also has one.. so 3 in a 15km. area
  22. Thanks for the info.. I also found another S3A driver nearby that has tiebars, So I will also check on his car how it works and fits. At the moment, the front end is really killing it. Second step will be a upgrade for the suspension..
  23. Thanks.. Where can I find sizes and measures for the Tie bar conversion? I would like to do this.
  24. Not want to steal you topic, and if I need to make my own, no problem. I also want to upgrade my suspension front and rear. I think it's original now, all adjustable (at one time) but all rusted up and drives hard. I would like a bit more relaxing ride, and I would like the car a bit lower.. Any info on what set I need to buy, what load springs etc?? Robin Hood S3a with inboard coil overs, rear are also coilovers.
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