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  1. I found it easier to weld two oblong flat lugs on the most forward part of the chassis - drill two holes through the nose cone and the lugs when every thing was lined up, I then got some 11mm tube and used bolts as hinges - you can now take the whole front of the car in ten minutes. I have a photo in the garage Steve
  2. is it that easy to get a bike licence ??? just a thought Steve
  3. thanks for the replys, I think I am happy to go with the semi syn. it feels like a better lubricant - most old Ford engines fume a bit and the tolerances are not that tight so the fact that they are getting better oil should help - all oils are very thin at operating temperatures. I have a Saxo that is fully synthetic and I am always impressed as to how clean the oil is when it gets changed ( car has 120k on it) so I am hoping the semi syn will do the same in the Pinto. Steve
  4. I have been using Duckhams 20/50 for a while - I dont like the stuff it stinks when the engine breaths etc. the man in the motor factors says that no vehicle has relied on 20/50 since 1973 ! any comments ? thanks Steve
  5. just wondered if anyone knows of any horror stories about these ? probably looking at an 02 to 04 model hopefully the 160 thanks for any input Steve
  6. try checking the centre wire that comes out of the dizzy (blue and yellow ? ) it should be giving app 6v to the tfi unit - try this when the engine is cranking and try it for continuity with the ignition off. this fires the injectors and it may not constantly be working, the starter motor pulls the life out of the battery and reduces battery volts to all areas. even if the battery isnt flat connect jump leads to another car and give it a spin - you will see a difference. you can sometimes have a spark thats not good enough or its breaking down under load - is it a good bright blue
  7. I really really want this please I can get it collected Steve
  8. I agree with Fozzy - insurance companies are chancers by nature. just send back the certificate and stop the payments, how long will they chase £100 --- also did you really understand the terms when they are read out to you ?? - bet you havent actually signed an acceptance ? I got "threatened" by Roadsure that if I didnt pay the £20 for the " Accident manager" part of my policy that if I had to pursue a third party I would be on my own - it seems to me that insurers are moving away from any responsibillity that they can. personally I think that is probably suspect in the eyes of t
  9. just do it - the cut doesnt have to absolutely perfect as you will have to cover the two cut edges with something like edging strip. Steve
  10. could be the clutch dragging , does it "clonk " when you select reverse ? Steve
  11. get it right and you wont fail .............................. doh ! Steve
  12. if you have the choice use anything but poppers - they are really hard to fix and line up etc. I did mine with poppers the first time and I am know replacing all of them with turnbuckle type fittings. Just imagine when you are fitting the hood - it looks strong and all nicely lined up and "popped " - now imagine you are going down a road on a blustery winters day ( 30mph wind - pouring with rain ) you suddenly notice that the 70mph limit has been lifted just for you so you take advantage then pop pop pop and whoosh as the hood dissapears over your head !! Seriously has any one e
  13. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...atchlink:top:uk just wondered if any one has tried one of these -- probably cheaper than a henry Ford original ? mine has no fuel rail pressure when I disconnect the fuel pipe so I guess its the return valve ? - the pump is working fine. any ideas ? Steve
  14. just checked my efi - 33mpg - probably never went over 3000 rpm I changed the thermostat and coolant tem sensor this year and got another 8mpg ! Steve
  15. I just so hate abreviations -- must be grumpy old man abreviations take longer than the correct explanation - you have to clarify them !!! rant over Steve
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