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    robin hood super spec.
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    kitcars,i play drums,log distance racing pigeons.also i,m a budist.
  1. bill brown

    Fast Road Cams

    hi,i have a superspec[rover t series] i want to put fast road cams in it.will i need to get the ecu re.mapped or will the on board mems system re.compansate its self? cheers...billy.b....
  2. thanks steve, i will be able to continue my repair programme with a bit more confidence.. cheers mate.. billy....
  3. hi steve, thanks for the info..i bought the top balljoints.but,the guy said the bottom balljoint number i gave him was for a pergot not a ford..i,ve just checked it is the correct number i got from the link... the top b/j,s are for a ford transit... i will see what i can come up with. cheers mate billy....
  4. hi, it,s not about your recent topic.. but,i,m trying to put new ball joints on the front.do you have any part numbers i can try?as i,m having trouble finding them...any info wouldbe great... cheers billy...
  5. thanks for the info pete,i,ve bought an ally sump..+pickup pipe off ebay..AL,milton kindly put me on to them...now already to go..i also have a mx5 which i was going to put the mx5 engine in the superspec.but i,ve changed my mind.to big of a job for me..so i will put it up for sale on the forum...
  6. hi, pete,thanks for reply.i have a T>SERIES>d.o.h.c.o5plate.did the sump off rover fit ok?did you get the pick arm ect,? cheers pete...
  7. higuys, i have a superspec.which i am converting to an ally sump off a 420 also the pick up arm..so if anybody has one or can point me in the right direction.i would be most grateful...cheers guys...billy..
  8. hi AKO,thanks for the info onLIDIATE bike,car show..any idea of how big...WOODVALE show is on a couple of weeks later..we have a stand there[liverpool comm college]we show all the cars we have built,refurbed ect.they teach welding,all aspects of spraying.you can bring your car in and work on it...and much more.the next course is september.just thought i pass this great oppurtunity on....
  9. hi guys,i,m thinking of putting hinges on the bonnet.as been damaged while put to one side..so has anybody put hinges on?i have two sets of hinges .one pair off mini boot lid [looks a bit big]other flat type 3in.both stainless.any ideas on position ect, will be much appreciated...billy...
  10. hi bluey,just read your question.i have a super spec,i have been thinking of putting a turbo on..how difficult is it?what does it mean major mods?any help would be much apreciated..i,m a landscaper not a mechanic.sorry i cannot help with spark plug probs..billy...

  11. thanks AL, yes, mine has the steel sump. it looks like the car has been off the road for quite sometime before i bought it.so i,m having to check everything ..iwould not trust it on any big trips..like going for the paper.... thanks again mate...billy
  12. bill brown

    Super Spec

    hi guys, i have a super spec,rover t series[05]having trouble finding rocker gasket...i need part,model numbers ect.also sump gasket..any help would be much appreciated..i am new to the mad world of kitcars... cheers guys billy....
  13. hi,thanks for the good sump info mate.i,ve a super spec.clutch is very stiff...new cable still same.have you had any over heating probs?gasket change?i have had to put another vent in the bonnet,wrap the exhaust.which sorted it...but,every one saysthe head gasket is not up to it...i,ve read theres a new gasket that does the job..i,m new to the kitcar scene,so i,m after all the info i can on super specs.i,m a landscaper not a mechanic..thanks again ..billy.
  14. hi steve,not long had my super spec..rover 2lt.i,m at l.c.c.vauxhall rd.doing a course.spraying,welding,panel beating.ect.greatcourse.i live by the airport.were abouts are you?feel free todrop me a mess..cheers....billy.

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