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  1. The best story I heard about Halford is that an old lady of 80+ bought a light bulb for her car and was asked if she would like them to fit it? However when she was told that it would cost £10 to fit she quite polity told the till clerk to "F*ck Off!". The best part is that two seperate people offered to change her bulb out in the car park! I say good on her!
  2. This has been a really difficult choice but I’ve decided that I must move out of my parents home and find a place of my own. Therefore I am selling my pride and joy my Robin Hood Exmo and using the money to help towards the down payment on a mortgage. So here are the details: - Robin Hood Exmo - Yellow and Stainless Steel - 2.0lt Ford Pinto with 5 speed box and running gear from Ford Sierra - On old ‘Y’ reg number plate - 6 Months Tax and MOT - Engine has done 90,000miles (not a lot for a ’83 aged car) - Twin 45 Dellortos (£1000 to buy with trumpets and manifold) - RS Alloy Wheels
  3. Kayaking gloves, very handy when its frosty!

  4. Logix_00


    Yeah I'm about the same. I have 2lt Pinto with Carbs getting about 25mpg. The way I do it if ur tacometer is working is fill up 20lts should get you 100 miles, as a rough rule of thumb I find. Ants
  5. Sorry not wanting to buy anything just want to know whats going on at Goodwood on Sunday??
  6. Logix_00

    Southern Hoods

    I should be there, let's just hope the weather holds!
  7. Any chance u could PM me or put up a picture of the head lamps? Soz but what does H4 lenses mean???
  8. Oh dear. What I'm panning on doing when I take my Hood over to the EU next summer is get some dry back and a small bungee cargo net (Screw Fix sell them) and strap them down above the boot. I recon with my Exmo being the wide body I should be able to get 2 dry bags on there!
  9. My old girl keeps getting a bit on the hot side if she's sitting in a q even if its only for a short while, after 10mins she hits the red line and I'm off the road letting her cool down. As she's an Exmo and has a mono-cock design I was wondering if anyone else had installed cockpit vents to help get the heat off the engine? Plus as we're now getting into winter time I'm thinking I'd still like to be running her into work unit November time (Its a nice run down a few back country roads), so it be nice to have some heat in the foot well! I've attach a couple of pics of vents that I found on Car
  10. Hi was just wondering if anyone had a rear drum break, drivers auto-adjuster off a Ford Sierra Mk1, mine seems to have worn down and now the breaks aren't as good as they were. Don't really want to have to go buy a whole drum break just coz of one part, plus means more work! Or even if someone knows where I could buy one that would be great. Thanks
  11. kick-ass drive today around Goodwood, gave Cherry a good hammering and she loved it!!

  12. Well I wont be wasting my money on one then! Come on using the Red-X!! Thanks guys I my
  13. Hey now be careful what u say I'm from west Sussex not that far from Horsham!!! lol
  14. Soz posted it on my iPhone! Try this link: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk:80/BEDFORD-RL-RUN-95-UNLEADED-PETROL-INTANK-UNIT-5L-/270547177515?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_Cars_Parts_Vehicles_Other_Vehicle_Parts_Accessories_ET&hash=item3efdde502b&autoredirect=off
  15. Just saw these lead adertive things on eBay and was wondering if anyone had bought one, and if so are they good? http://wap.ebay.co.uk/Pages/ViewItem.aspx?aid=270547177515&ebayref=http%3A%2F%2Fcgi.ebay.co.uk%3A80%2FBEDFORD-RL-RUN-95-UNLEADED-PETROL-INTANK-UNIT-5L-%2F270547177515%3Fcmd%3DViewItem%26pt%3DUK_Cars_Parts_Vehicles_Other_Vehicle_Parts_Accessories_ET%26hash%3Ditem3efdde502b%26autoredirect%3Doff
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