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  1. el ingles

    Hog Roast At Stoneleigh?

    I do hope there is a gazebo.
  2. el ingles

    Storm Watching

    Bit unsettled, the weather, eh? If you've got caught out, and got soaked in the past, then watching a good storm from a cosy viewing point can be quite entertaining!
  3. el ingles


    So now we get the abuse. Two very silly things here ... One: what the "friend" did. Two: the posting of a friend's idiocy for this bunch of hypocritical self-righteous ... er ... jolly fine people to pontificate over. I wasn't there, so refrain from outright castigation. Someone doing 37 in a 30 might well be endangering others more than our "friend"; depends on conditions and circumstances; eh? If we look at just two contrasting cases well covered in the press in recent years, it is difficult to be objective in criticism. A class 1 police driver tries out a high powered unmarked car on a Cambridgeshire single carriageway road in excess of 130 mph - slapped wrist. A white van man reverses his vehicle at virtually 0 mph in London, over a kiddie in a push chair - dead child. Speed kills! Hmmmm! Excessive speed, not always a factor. Not condoning, nor excusing law breaking in any form, but neither am I supporting the view that speed is the main enemy of road safety.In my opinion far more dangerous is incompetence, inattention and sheer bad driving. Don't often stick my head above the parapit these days, so shoot away!
  4. el ingles

    Dax Rush