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  1. its a MK2 cluster apparently. Just really looking for the connectors for the dash so I can cut and solder between the sierra wiring and the mazda wiring
  2. I've been looking at an alternative to running my std Sierra clocks and having a look around here I found that the MX5 clocks look awesome when mounted behind a GRP dash with some chrome rings round the surrounds. As usual I went straight to evilbay and bought myself a new cluster, thinking I could just use the pinout diagram from the sierra and a pinout diagram from an MX5 and connect the right wire to the corresponding right wire. Then once I pressed confirm I had a horrible thought.... I'll have no connectors or wires from the back of the Mazda cluster to carry this out.. quick frantic look on google and I can't even find out what types of connectors they are so that I can make up my own loom. Any help hear would be great.. if not I'll have a really nice mazda instrument cluster going cheap
  3. Yeah I got new track rod ends that fit the extension adapters and they did not fit the original steering rack so I'm fine with those. I'm between houses at the moment waiting for my new one to get built so the cars still part built sitting in my Dad's back garden with a cover so I've got plenty of time to muck about with getting the new rack fitted.
  4. Talked to kit spares.. The extensions are mainly for the Escort Mk2 Rack. I've ordered a new rack from Ebay which I will fit as I've never really been 100% confident with any of the parts that were on the car since buying it so at least I'll have piece of mind
  5. Hi I've recently completed a sliding pillar to wishbone suspension upgrade. I had to get the steering rack extensions from Kit Spares as the original steering rack was too short. The issue I'm having is that the thread for the extension is slightly too large compared to the thread on the steering rack and just slides over it. I was going to weld it to the original locking nut and just use the locking nut to hold it but I'm really not too confident that this will hold under stress.. Has anyone had this issue at all and came up with a fix?
  6. How were the Haynes panels to fit? did they require much modification? Also which site did you use for them?
  7. Hi I'm in the middle of a full rebuild of a 2nd hand 2B I bought 6 years ago. the original panels were the ones where the rear arches are made from the stainless panels with a fiberglass end attached. I have now removed all the exterior panels and have bought new GRP nosecone, cycle wings and rear arches. Do these fit with the original steel panels? I have the sliding pillar to wishbone conversion with the new steel panel for that section but I'm not 100% sure of the fitting of the rear arches and if the new nosecone fits to the existing bonnet as the nosecone looks like it differs from the original one. thanks in advance guys
  8. Ah ok cool... I've had a look through the haynes manual and printed out all the wiring diagrams and named all the numbered parts so should be able to get cracking with it and see what I can come up with cheers.
  9. Its a loom from Premier wiring. I just emailed Alan Boxshall saying it was a loom for a robin hood 2B with 2ltr Pinto EFI and std Sierra stalks. I'll try and take a few pictures of the loom at some point to see if anyones ever had success with the same type
  10. I've just recently got a new loom from premium looms and I'm still struggling to see how the loom integrates with the ECU and the std sierra cluster. has anyone dealt with this issue before?
  11. Does anyone have any wiring diagrams to show the wiring for the insturment cluster connector?
  12. I'm up in Peterhead.. Won't be much help to you unfortunatelly I bought my 2B already tested and 'roadworthy' then stripped it to bits and started again.
  13. Yeah I have 2 fuse holders with 4 fuses in each and 4 relay holders. Let me know how you get on with the Ecu wiring off of the engine spur.. I'll be ripping out the Sierra loom and only using the premier loom but I was too scared to just remove the old loom as I thought it might point me in the right direction for fitting the new loom but so far it has only confused me more
  14. Yeah I've got the new loom sitting in the garage waiting to be installed but I'm ever so slightly clueless haha.. If I had a propped wiring diagram with colour codes etc it wouldn't be an issue but looking at the instructions with the loom I can't even identify some of the Spurs from they're description etc
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