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  1. I've got one too, if you don't buy that one...
  2. sounds like a bargain to me.... should sell quick
  3. coops222

    Nose Cone

    anyone want a nose cone? i think its for a robin hood... never been fitted, in white gel coat.... damaged right on the tip on the front... think it should be a easy repair.. £20 plus postage.. or collection from hull. its in the way and dont want it damaged anymore. i can send photos cheers paul
  4. Anyone got any robin hood nose cone or wheel center badges gathering dust and want to sell? (got lotus badges) thanks
  5. Apparently there's a meet at squires cafe on Wednesday night.
  6. Just throwing it out there... hoping for suggestions..
  7. anyone fancy a run out in the yorkshire area? been promised good weather this month.... think we should make the most whilst its here... posted this on a few forums... hoping for a decent response.
  8. anyone on here fitted a set of three point harnesses to their robin hood? bought some coz they were cheap... and blue .... and willans... now im not sure where to fit the back mounts..... photos would be very helpfull. cheers paul
  9. coops222

    Blyton Park?

    anyone booking or has booked for a track day at blyton park this year... fancy a run sometime....
  10. coops222

    Advance/retard ?

    mine is held with a spring via the operating arm so its always held back untill vacuum is applied. bloke from bogg bros has advised me that if im going to fit a plenum, only fit it to two inlet manifolds as four will make the vacuum too strong and will affect performance.
  11. coops222

    Advance/retard ?

    hi guy, well ive sorted it, cleaned out my tank and filters, and plumbing... even made a cage filter thingy for around my fuel pick-up pipe. there was a bit of gunk in the tank, think that may have been the problem. took her out yesterday and she performed perfectly... so again i say thanks to all that commented and gave me the advice i needed ps im not going to mess with my advance/retard, it all seems ok and if it aint broke why try to fix it?
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