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    zoology student at sheffield.<br>kayaking,kite boarding,surfing,druming
  1. Car now sold! :boohoo:
  2. ***STILL FOR SALE!*** I am in london for the next week or two so. I am willing to sell around the £3,000 mark if i can sell it before i go back up to sheffield. Ben
  3. My 2b is for sale Sva'd and registered in july2003 on an age related plate(f) and has has done under 1000 miles since. The kit is based on a single 1989 f reg. sierra, Mot until july 06 and tax until jan The car is sprayed racing green all over and has a hood and side screens. The engine is a 1.6 pinto from the sierra and runs on unleaded. I have not upgraded the engine other than putting on a shortened sump and renewing the cambelt, plugs, leads, distrib cap and rotor arm, oil and filter change etc. The car also has new rear drums, cylinders and shoes. The interior has a wooden dashboard, alloy gear knob and alloy pedal covers. It also has cobra seats costing over £200. Wishbone front suspension The car is kept in north London, but I am currently in sheffield. However viewings are still possible. Any questions don’t hesitate to contact me on 07981624179 or by email. I am looking for around £3,300 but am open to offers BEN
  4. Price now £3,300 but I am still very open to offers BEN
  5. My 2b is for sale! 1.6 pinto (cheeper insurance) with shortened sump,wishbone suspension, british racing green, full weather gear, cobra seats. Build completed jul 03 and have done under 1000 miles since. mot until jul 06 and tax til jan 06. I live in north london. Please feel free to pm/email or call me (ben)on 02083687244 or mobile 07981624179 i am looking for around £3500 but am open to offers as i need to sell quickly
  6. Thanx for your help. Alan Darby has kindly sent me one he had in his garage BEN
  7. wizzyfartbum

    Fuel Sender

    My fuel gauge has stoped workin due to the circuity on the end of the fuel sender float, Does anyone know of anywhere i can get one cheeply? fords are quoting over £40!! BEN
  8. wizzyfartbum

    Sound Meter

    hi, It was me asking about sound meters the other day. I had my test today and passed I bought a sound meter from maplins and put it the correct distance away, but it gave a much lower reading than what i got on the 1st test (113db). so i moved it closer until it had the same reading and then stuffed it with scoures untill it was bellow 101. probably not the best way to do it but i passed with a reading of about 97 db. now ive just gotta get regestration and other stuff sorted and im on the road (and ive gotta take a sound meter back to maplins coz it wasnt accurate enough ) thanx for everyones help BEN
  9. wizzyfartbum

    113 Dba!

    thanx again for all your help. ive moved the test to tuesday as something croped up on friday. i think ill try and get a db reader from mapplins. my dad would find it usefull to make a note of how noisy the people next door are being! (no, he doesnt have anything beter to do) ill tell you all how tuesday goes BEN
  10. wizzyfartbum

    113 Dba!

    i didnt realise they could fail you for something not mentioned first time round surely thats out of order? thanx a lot i'll probably have to put in more than several!! cheers, BEN
  11. wizzyfartbum

    113 Dba!

    thanx for everyones help so far. I wish i knew not to put down 6000 revs. i dont know if there is anyway to let more people know. my examiner (really nice guy) told me straight away tht we would have a problem because of it. would you mind telling me what your first dBa reading was tim? ill try to get in contact with a nearby radio control club coz i really dont want to have to have a 3rd test! Thanx again for all your help. im starting to feel slightly less worried Ben
  12. wizzyfartbum

    113 Dba!

    Hello, Im in haringey in north london chers ben
  13. wizzyfartbum

    113 Dba!

    hi, i have just failed my first sva test yesterday with my 2B. there are a few easy bits to sort out, but more woryingly i had a noise output of 113 dBa!. i have the standard two pipe exaust with 1.6 pinto. i had fit the supplementary baffle, but didn't put in any scouring pads before hand. also the engine wasn't running to well so i need to get it tuned. i am wondering if tunning and putting the pads in would bring it down to bellow 101 or if i need to do something else? Has anyone else had this problem? Also i would like to test the noise level before the next test so i dont fail again. does anyone know of anyway i can do this? thanx ben
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