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  1. I've used a similar branded product ending in 'Cat' on series land rovers and a Triumph 6 and 4. I then used to run unleaded all of the time and had no problem what so ever and got better fuel economy. I am unsure because of the low mileage whether it was the lead memory on the valves or the product working but either way had good experience and liked the historical connection with low grade fuel mitigation on WWII Hurricanes on the Eastern front being used by the Russians !!
  2. Hi All, As part of my shopping list for extra power out of the 2.0 Pinto, along with the bike carbs route I think I want to install a fast road cam. Now having been trawling flea bay I see several heads that have kent cams installed with extra large valves etc etc. My question is : If it is off a 2.l engine or a RS 2000 or anything else that is a derivative of a 2.0 pinto block will the head fit my engine and can I just plug and play for want of a better term ? If I whip my head off and put another on with a kent cam and verneir etc what else must I do ? Is it just a case (sounds easy) of adjusting the timing ?? Sorry of this is a silly question but still learing Thanks All Jeremy
  3. Hi ALL, My S 7 does not have an expansion tank / bottle . Could anybody confirm that it is common to not fit one. Just want to make sure that my S 7 is correct regards cooling or it was an oversight on the builder With Thanks Jeremy
  4. Hi All, Having asked for advice and got really useful replies regarding Bike carbs I have looked into sourcing the manifold and carbs and have worked an approx budget of £350-£400 for the manifold, carbs, ancillaries and rolling road test. My final question is if spending this much is it really worth it ? What is the performance benefit over a standard single weber carb on my 2.0 pinto ? I would really appreciate thoughts, opinions etc just to make sure I am spending the limited cash on the right area of the car. What I want to achieve is better / quicker acceleration in a nut shell Many Thanks Jeremy
  5. HI Andy, Thank you very much for the reply and yes please could you let me know how much for postage and drop me a PM with payment details Very much appreciated Jeremy
  6. Hi All, first newbie post started with me busting a cycle wing bracket ( the L shaped top ones) on the drive home from collection and since then I have got hold of GBS who do indeed, as advised by a kind forum member) stock replacement ones that are reinforced. However they need welding and I do not have any welding skills so I would be looking at £80 plus P & P for GBS to weld them but more importantly I was asked questions about off set of wheels etc. I was thinking, is it best to find a pair of original S 7 brackets and get a local welder to add the extra weld plates to the areas of flex just above the mounting plate ? Next question is (bet you can't guess) : does anybody have a pair of S 7 top L shaped cycle wing brackets kicking about that they would kindly sell to me for a reasonable price ? Advice / guidance on the two points above would be gratefully received With Thanks Jeremy
  7. Hi Stuart, Thanks for the offer, but I was planning on keeping hold of my cycle wings for a while after I make the change ovr to full wings just to be sure that the swap over is for me. Further more one of my top L shaped brackets for the cycle guard has snapped which is why I have started to go down this route. All the best Jeremy
  8. Cheers All, thanks for the good advice / experience. I think I would still like to try clam shell / full wings so if anybody has a set (Blue if poss, I think my nose cone is Oxford Blue?) then please give me a shout Thanks all once again Jeremy
  9. Hi All, My S7 is fitted with the cycle guards at present, but I quite like the look of the full sweeping wings. Can I ask, would the fitting of the full wings make any noticable difference to the drag of the car ? Don't want to make my brick even less aerodynamic Also where could I get a set ? Cheers Jeremy
  10. I've done the searches and trawled through all the forum info which is quite extensive and have gleened the following : Twin Webers Advantages Good Sound NO overheating issues lots of technical support Dis-Advantages Unreliable Needs lots of TLC once tuned Poor Fuel return Very High Purchase costs Bike Carbs Advantages Low purchase cost for carbs Reliable and stay in tune Very good acceleration Good Fuel Return Dis-advantages Need bespoke manifold and need to get angle of carbs right potential overheating and vapourisation Need to set up on rolling road - cost Limited technical support I am wanting to fit to a standard 2.0 L pinto and onto a S7 mark 3. I have heard that the full package for bike carbs from GBS can be problomatic. Is it better to buy manifold and carbs seperately ? On the face of the pros and cons I have learnt so far I think it will be the bike carb route for me. This has all come about whilst trying to source an air cleaner for the single weber carb I have at the moment. I know I will have to cut the bonnet and only want to do this once with the final solution. I would appreciate anybody adding anything / correcting my stated assumptions to date With Thanks Jeremy
  11. HI, thanks for replies to date. I measured the depth of the top of the carb filter mount to the underside of the bonnet and I have approx 45mm to play with. Having looked at foam piper cross filters they are all too tall and stipulate that 13mm air gap must be maintained between top of the filter and the underside of the bonnet. I have seen a small K & N which I think will fit and this is 45mm in height but is only rated for 85bhp. My question is how good is my current chrome pancake filter and would a small K & N be much of an improvement and value for money as they are nearly £50.00. Thanks Jeremy PS what is the ITG solution ? Thanks
  12. Hi Ian, Thank you for the link , it is really usful. Without pushing my luck I dont suppose you have a photo of your stub axle and dummy strut with the pin in place so I could copy position etc ? Many Thanks Once again Jeremy
  13. Cheers Guys, Thank you for that I shall go and source some tomorrow Help grately appreciated !
  14. Hi Brian , thanks for your thoughts on this. Does the foam piper cross sit on top of the carb and just gets compressed slighly when the bonnet is put back on ? Do you have any part numbers of links Thanks Jeremy
  15. Hi Ian, Thanks for the tip and something that I would like to do. Forgive my ignorance but trying to visulize the pin fixing how do yo stop the pin from sliding out the pre-drilled hole ? Do you use circlips or a split pin of sorts ? With Thanks Jeremy
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