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  1. Apparently you need to be an A-Plan customer with car insurance to get the cover as an add on - can't buy separately Not heard back form Adrian Flux yet. RAC 'Comprehensive Plus' is just short of £40, so may ring to see what their approach to kit cars is rather than just sign up on the spinternet
  2. Anyone got recommendations for European breakdown cover (car, not Brexit). Looking for single trip cover in April to Holland/Belgium. My insurance is with Adrian Flux and UK breakdown with AutoAid.
  3. Hoodies always welcome at our gaff :-)
  4. Ian Marr


    I have had a pair of dixon's like Dean for some time and are just the job.
  5. Ian Marr

    Fire Pit

    Discovered wok fits a treat on the top. Got very hot and perfect for hot beef sandwiches.
  6. It is a message .... Stop immediately .... There is beer in the fridge.
  7. Ian Marr

    Fire Pit

    Must be an ipad thing. Puts it the right way up when I click on it. Could sell to the Aussies?
  8. Ian Marr

    Fire Pit

    Inspired by Stoneleigh, I have spent an hour knocking up my own variant. Drill night tonight, but should get maiden burn tomorrow. What does your 'artisan' fire pit look like?
  9. Ian Marr

    Smallways 2016

    Was hoping to get to this, as per, but it is my brother's big '5 0' this year and need to be darn sarf :-(
  10. Plenty of garage space for it here ... So easy for a blast up the Dales as well ;-)
  11. Cheers Dave ... Yes prob a bit earlier than I had in mind and a good two hours from home. Might still go for that, but not packed or even gathered all my camping crap yet. Pm me a mobile number and I will confirm if I am trying to make it in the morning. But assume I am not for now.
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