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  1. Does someone want to start a message in Facebook messanger with everyone tagged in it so we can make posts share pics etc I would but I am not sure I have everyone that is coming on my facebook
  2. As they say when life serves you lemons you........
  3. Cracking day yesterday. Just doing all my final checks on the drive
  4. I would also be in trestles in this. I could go to gbs ones but wish to keep washers on stalk. How easy is focus ones ?
  5. Curry or steak pie for me not fussed just nae fish
  6. Is this what most are doing now ? Friday 15th - Premier Inn - Dumbarton/Loch Lomond - For the Southeners or anyone who wants to join us Saturday 16th - The Dunollie - Skye Sunday 17th - The Dunollie - Skye Monday 18th - wild orchid - Durness Tuesday 19th - Premier Inn - Fort William
  7. Callum is join us again this year
  8. ickle


    My car got a full wrap and after 2 summers use it still looks good there is chips but not many and most caused by being to close to other cars on a blat etc
  9. My type 9 is the same and oil is fine.
  10. You maybe right ian but helped a non spark like me have half a clue how to check.
  11. I have had no fuel gauge since the Applecross run on Friday night I thought time to investigate. After using the following video I managed to get to the bottom of the problem and it turned out to be my sender at fault. Once I removed the sender I found the float had fell off and was just bobbin about. Anyway found this video handy and I thought I should share. Regards stuart. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zm8E-_yNSK8&sns=fb
  12. We have all made it to skye hotel cars all in one piece ferry was a experience lol
  13. He can get a hold of a wideband. Think that is best I don't think it's full throttle he is lean at
  14. and a late entry up the rear derek hunter will be joining us in his 1.8 zetec 2b stuarty
  15. Remember keep a burger or 2 for the scots
  16. all done might aswell send me 2 just in case ma screen decides to stay in Inverness again lol stu
  17. Ginseng wtf is that lol. Organise even
  18. Kk Dunollie booked will or ginseng rest tonight
  19. So I phone vicky and say please take my money I want a sleeping buddy lol
  20. was amazing something to look forward to in the winter months :-)
  21. Trying to do it on this topic to see what everyones is running on what model etc for the road Model engine ride height frt & rear double wishbone shock clicks spring weights camber tracking tyre pressures wheel size
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