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  1. i've had no issues from my chrome, nor my polished steel wheels from using the polish or the wax. infact, the water beads better from the wax. i've not used it on a big expanse of stainless, but i do polish the cooker and cooker hood with it (sad i know!!!) i have used some dedicated steel polishes in the past, but i have found them too abrasive, putting very fine scratches in the steel.
  2. just to add my twopenneth worth my motorsykle has lots of polished chrome that i like to stay shiney and streak free. i use maguires carnauba wax, and works superbly. also have used windolene too. another one for painted bits as well as glass (lights, windows etc..) is autoglymns glass cleaner. works like windolene, but the shine stays better regards, Al
  3. hi all haven't bought yet, (be buying at the end of the year )but i'm wondering on the various bodystyles the hoods have. i have seen some with the long cycle wings, some with the full curved front wings and some with half curved wings. now, are these an indication of model types, or are they just different styles that are specified when first ordering the kit? for paint, i'm more inclined to go for a full painted body (even if i do buy the bare metal, i will probably get it sprayed)how easy are the bare metal finishes sprayed? and does the paint adhere well to the stainless/alloy. i've been looking at a wealth of info on the net and there seems to be a vast amount of choice, and i am narrowing it down to solid paint, front wings that follow the curve of the front wheels, pinto or zetec engines. i realise these cars are a personal choice when coming to finishes, and i do have in my mind what i want, and what i want it to look like. lairy paint in yellow, lime or orange with black multispoke wheels is my idea of my hood. cheers all, Al
  4. after searching this site and reading up on specs etc, i've decided to go for one at the end of the year. spec wise, i think either a pinto or a zetec. i'll try and get hold of a few to drive to get a flavour of exactly what i want it will only be used on dry days (so judging what the last 3 years of summer weather have been like, 2.7 days max!!) budget will be 5k max, so hopefully i'll get a good car for the money. cheers all for your advice so far, ver much appreciated :)
  5. cheers again Guys. Simon, i might just do that, is it thur eve or daytime you meet?
  6. cheers for the replies so far guys a couple more q's:- what (generally) are the best engines for the hoody's? are an older x-flow or pinto the ones to go for, or something newer like the zetec? what about rovers k series or t-series? i know bike engines are great for power per capacity, and the 4cyl rev superbly, but reliability? also, how easy are the hoody's to "tinker" with? if, i decide down the line to change a few things like dash finish, or seats, or even suspension set ups, are they easily done? i'm not adverse to using a socket set or 2, so relatively straight forward stuff shouldnt be a problem. lastly, is it adviseable to drive a few (if poss) with different engine/brake/suspension set ups to get a "feel" on what suits me better before i make my mind up, or do they drive (basically anyway) the same? cheers again, Al
  7. cheers Stuart, i'm on the wirral. there are a few knocking about here, but not had chance to speak to any owners as yet for advice.
  8. hi all the story goes like this:- 40 this november, so would like to get hold of a Robin Hood. i dont know anything about kits as i've never owned one, BUT this is about to change. i want something that i can use at weekends and the occasional day in the week when the sun shines or is dry outside, so it wont get a lot of mileage, but it has to be spot on. i would love to have a go at building one, but a:- i dont have the time with a 12 month old nipper to entertain and working full time inc saturdays & b:- my knowledge is limited, although many years ago i used to do my own repairs, bodywork etc before all the 'lectronic gubbins governed how cars were ran. i wont have a vast amount of money to spend, say upto 5k, so what will that get me in terms of a car? lairy bike engined examples wouldnt go amiss, nor would something like 1600 x-flow, although i'm open to any suggestions. what are the best ones to look out for, and what issues am i likely to come across? many thanks in advance, drive safely, Al
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