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  1. Allan, I replaced the phosphor bronze bearing with a dust proof roller bearing some years ago. This is a different problem. Do you know the origin of the superspec diff. This was the only non new component fitted to the original kit.
  2. My Car drives like a dream when accelerating, however when the throttle is released there is a nasty clattering noise coming from the clutch,, gearbox or differential. Any ideas?
  3. Be warned. 1. The admin fee this firm will charge you for is voluntary not compulsory. 2. Personal dealings with this firm tell me that the warranty is not all it appears to be. 3. Additional charges they tried to charge me were 1. £500 warranty 2. £200 Alloy wheel insurance. 3. £ 95 Admin charge. 4. £200 Gap insurance. 5. £700 Price hype Total cost added to original price of car £1695 Take a photograph of car with price displayed when you make deposit. (their policy is to change prices without notice) Check car for service history documents. On two occasions I was presented with documents only to find original documents in car I hope you find this of use.
  4. I have managed to bend the nearside lower wishbone on my 05 superspec. Can anyone tell me where I might find a replacement?
  5. Alan I have deleted the messages in my PM box. Should work now. (didn,t even know it existed) Pete. I did make a list of part numbers for things like Clutch cable, remote oil filter and Bearings for pilot hole on flywheel to replace original bronze bearing.
  6. Alan, Many thanks for your reply. Not sure what a PM is? But I found your Tasks completed list most interesting. Much of it I have done myself. With regard to the cooling system I swapped the pressure cap on the header tank to one rated at 20lbs and it has never overheated or boiled dry since. Thanks for the info. Regards Pete.
  7. Can anyone tell me the origin of the steering rack. (which car was it fitted too originally?)
  8. I need a replacement UV joint that fits between the steering shaft and the steering rack on my car.and possibly a new shaft also. Can anyone help?
  9. I replaced all the ignition components on my super spec 5 years ago, never missed a beat since. Intermotor automotive components. Nottingham. Part number 11410 replaces 11360, 11370, 11460, 11470. 11590, 11790. Hope this is of help to you. Peter
  10. Thanks Phil for all your hard work during the last 6 yrs. Pete the Dog. So sorry I could not stop for the A.G.M. I ran out of steam at about 2.00pm. That,s the trouble with being an old fart.
  11. Dear Jtomo I struggled with overheating for years. you must ensure there is no air in the cooling system. My super spec was fine on runs until i stopped in traffic where upon it would over heat and dump water on the road causing an air lock in the system. I cured this problem by swapping the 13psi pressure cap with one rated at 20psi. Make sure all the plumbing is sound and the only other thing I did was to ensure that as much as possible of the air that came through the grill went through the radiator. No further problems. Good luck Jtomo I,m sure you will get it sorted. Pete.
  12. Where were you all at 2.30pm on Saturday? I completed all my chores by mid_day so I decided to nip down to Nefyn to meet some of my old friends. I spent about half an hour visiting a couple of the post codes posted but never spotted a single Hood. I stopped at a pub about 5 miles outside Nefyn where someone had seen a Hood the previous night. I got home at 6.pm having driven about 180 miles. I was a bit disappointed about not finding any members but an enjoyable drive anyway. Must get some phone numbers.
  13. Why bother? Even my Audi A6 does this, it soon turns off when it cools down. Pete.
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