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  1. thanks to you both, what's a pm? Pete.
  2. I am still waiting for my screen sticker for 2014. Who should I contact? I cannot gain access to the member map, can anyone help? Pete.
  3. I received the Mag etc.Just missing the sticker. Thanks for your prompt replies. Pete.
  4. Is the Member Map working or is my PC broken? Also I have not had a screen sticker for 2014 anyone know why? Pete.
  5. Setting out from Mid Wales at 5-15. See Ya. Pete.
  6. As I said QCC1240. Perfect length. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt. Still in one piece after 4yrs. Tie it back clear of exhaust with a metal clip. Peter
  7. Hi The replacement clutch cable you need is a Volvo part. Quinton Hazel part No. QCC 1240. I also increased the length of the release arm by 1inch to mate with the hole that the cable comes through. Peter
  8. Steven,This Ford Clutch Spigot bearing will not fit snugly into the Rover Crank. This is why it was not supplied with the original Kit. Peter.
  9. ALL SORTED. I took the car to an ex-Rover dealer to see if he could find out on Rover service equipment what was wrong. After an hour I was told that the problem seemed to be in the Potentiometer attached to the Throttle body. "Replace this and bring it back for further inspection," said the man. Off I go to the local parts dealer. "It will be here by mid-day tomorrow, £112 Non-returnable," says the dealer. "Forget it," says I, I think I will try the breakers yard first. Four hundred yards down the road I sheepishly ask If he has One of these? Two minutes later he appears from his storeroom with a complete throttle body. It's been on the shelf for a while, give us a Tenner for the lot. Took it home, cleaned it up, fitted it, started up, Brmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Runs like a dream and no misfire. Peter
  10. I cannot find invoice for these parts but I got them from Bearing Man. A nationwide company. Internal Diameter was 15mm to fit MT75 Gearbox. Outside diameter was 28mm to fit Rover T series crankshaft. Depth required is 20mm but these bearings are only 7mm thick. So you will need two and a 6mm thick washer. Three bearings, although only 1mm thicker than required depth could cause problems. Hope this helps. Should I find the Part numbers I will post them. Peter.
  11. Just yank it off holding the plastic, not the lead. When replacing the plugs use a piece of plastic tube to screw the plugs in up to finger tight before tightening down with plug spanner. Peter
  12. I replaced the one that talks to the ECU, still misfires when warm.
  13. They built and fitted a new exhaust on my Hood last year. Although it sounded fantastic it was too loud. They replaced it with a purpose built one at no extra cost.Excellent service. Peter.
  14. I have just removed Lamba sensor from exhaust and it is thick with soot. Pete
  15. Yes the plugs were very sooty after a fair run . The coil is brand new.I do have concern about a multi point conector on the lambda cables situated in the passenger footwell. Perhaps one of the cables could have come adrift? Do you know any midgets who could have a look for me? Pete
  16. Is the Lambda sensor the one on the exhaust?
  17. I have replaced the temp sensor with no improvement.. Pete
  18. A few weeks ago the clutch on my Super Spec disintegrated. It had always been a noisy clutch and after repairing I believe I have found the cause of the noise and eventual failure. The Spigot bearing in the flywheel was not a proper bearing but a bronze bush. This was badly miss-shaped, causing the spigot shaft in the gearbox to vibrate and shake the clutch disc apart. Bearing Man could not supply a bearing of the exact size required but could supply bearings with the same outside and inside diameters but of a smaller depth. So I fitted two and a spacer. Result a silent clutch. Peter.
  19. When starting from cold the engine sounds sweet and pulls like a Rocket. However as soon as the engine is warmed through it starts to misfire. I have replaced all the H.T.electrics but the symptoms still persist. I think that messages from one of the sensors is not reaching the ECU and the fuel mixture is becoming too rich. But which sensor? Any ideas? Pete
  20. Peter Kelly

    Sealed Beam Unit

    So sorry, took two to the tip a fortnight ago. Pete.
  21. Comma Wash'n'Wax. Autosol Metal polish for the stubborn marks.
  22. Can anyone tell me the Rating for the rear springs that came with the kit in 2005 Please? Pete.
  23. This reminds me of when I put FEMFRESH on my strawberries. Tasted bloody awful, even after seven pints.
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