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  1. Shame I missed this, Been to the NMA several times. Been to several events there and there's a few fallen friends with names on plaques, so always emotional. Is an amazing day out, free parking and very peaceful.
  2. Are you up for a drive out, 22nd/23rd Oct? Exeter Kit car show, it's awesome!!! Free entry if you're in a non-production car!

  3. Are you up for a drive out, 22nd/23rd Oct? Exeter Kit car show, it's awesome!!! Free entry if you're in a non-production car!

  4. cerioli_83

    West Mids Meet

    Hey Up, Again i've been trying to get down for the meet. but this time I'm on the south coast and looking after my girlfriend, Long Story, but i'll give it a go for next month, is anyone going for a drive out to the Exeter kit and classic show 22-23 Oct? Hope to see you all soon.
  5. Hey up, If the weather's good i'll be up for that! Could I have the postcode please? I know my hood's gone, been re-built and i did have a S2000 for a few months, but i'm back in the "Seven Chassis" and driving a Westie! It's bright yellow, but still i had someone drive into me and claim they didn't see me!
  6. I'm back!!! long story, now in a westie!

  7. Hello everyone, Hope there's someone able to offer help and advice. I stopped at a red light and had a very nice guy decide to give my car a new feature, a nice imprint of the front of his car! He then decided to go crazy at me for stopping at a red light... Merc Driver "Why did you stop?!?!?!" Me "Red light" MD "But you had space, you could've gone through!!!!" Me "Umm... Insurance details please" MD "WHAT!!!! You caused the accident!!!" Me "I know what, give me your insurance details and we'll let the police decide." MD "F*@K YOU!" Then he drove off... not believing what had just happened i didn't look at his reg and all i got was a black guy in a silver merc... in Birmingham. Well called police, 90mins later 2 bobby's on push bikes went by, i called them across and they said call was put out and someone may be there soon, but not knowing the reg means nothing would happen and in essence i would be just wasting my time and police paperwork, unlucky. There's the background behind my issue. Now my issue happens to be the rear panel having a nice curve to it. everything behind it, petrol tank and boot section, is perfectly fine. i did not build my hood, so unsure if there's someway i could take that section off and put a new one on. i don't think the dent will pop out and stainless aint the best of materials to work with. but i would like any help/advice or anything like that please. Other than looking out for every black man in a silver merc clk, in winson green area. Thank you
  8. cerioli_83

    Malt Shovel

    It's ok Al, I have postcode... I missed the place 3 times in a row! Now I'll be ok with it. Where would you like me to pick you up from? Everyone else, we'll see you there!
  9. I've had my hood a good 8 months now. But do to our leaders stealing from anyone that works, to give to our long term guests and lazy free loaders... I have had to make a very important choice... Sell my Hood or sell my drop top Astra... Well i chose the reliable, practical, 40mpg Astra cab, for the chop. This has made a huge difference in my life, but i have discoverd just how nad my wiring loom is... Side lights come on when i brake Indicators come on when they like and random ones click on all over the place. Starting is an issue if it's damp or cold Idle is either 800rpm and cutting out or 2,300 rpm (so guess auto choke/temp sensor needs sorting) But i love driving the hood and sure it'll be worth it in the end. Does anyone know where i could get a wiring diagram, so i can pull the loom about and get everything sorted out... During a dry spell. Not worried if it's online to download or something i need to order. I think it's a tracy green spliced into ford sierra. To keep this in "Driving" i'll have to mention the back end flying out at 25mph, going through housing estates, when i hit wet drains... It's good fun, but also kida scary! Cheers for any help
  10. cerioli_83

    38 In A 30 Zone

    I got caught doing 76 on M25 a year after i passed, points came off, less than 6 months later i got caught doing 44 in a 30, those points came off in oct. Sunday i drove through a fixed cam that i pass almost everyday, got the dreaded double flash! Take the points, first 3 don't count on insurance or anything. I know, in 11yrs driving i've had 3points for 10 of them!!!
  11. Evening Gary,

    I'm back now, just got back this weekend. Went to the Hood's little love nest and went to have a play... well clearly the 10 weeks sat in a garage have done no good! New battery, now she runs fine... except still wiring issues...

    side lights come on when i brake

    indicators come on in random combinations

    Now only have the hood as a daily drive. Sold ...

  12. I've just got back on here... First time this year. I need to catch up on gossip and find out what's up with my wiring loom...

  13. I had a light go on the way to a party a couple of years ago... Living in Dorset at the time i decided to pop straoght into halfords, rather than risking the lanes, took advantage of the fitting service (to save getting dirty on way to party) and the 12yr old didn't have a clue how to fit some H7's (I think) o the prelude i had at the time. After several minutes of faffing they said they'd have to remove headlamp and to get it off, grill and bumper would have to come off. I giggled, lifted air box lid up and popped it straight in place! Asked for refund... I was denied as their employee had taken 45mins on my car. An ex of mine paid £3 to get wipers fitted... I took micky for about 3 months!
  14. cerioli_83

    Car Value?

    Txt the reg to 83600 Cost about £1.50, but gives you everything yoi could ever wish to know... Even milage at last MOT
  15. Hi, Just looked on mine, it's been cut off. I have throttle cable running through left hand slot. I'm assuming it would've been the choke cable at some point... Well a guess! Cheers Stephen
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