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  1. Hi thanks for the pics they will help a lot mine has not got the a brackets but i can make some at work . I will try and get some pics of mine up soon
  2. Hi all Could anyone help me i have just got a part built zero and could anyone tell what is the best way to mount the nose cone on my zero as i can't seam find out how to get it to sit and fix it
  3. Thanks for the link i`ll have a look and see what they are like
  4. Hi not sure if there is anyone who can help out there I'm trying to find some where in glos that hires lotus 7s or some thing like as i was hopping to have my 2b built for the big day for me and the best man to arrive in but time has run out as the wedding is in 4 weeks and short of the kit car pixes coming in over night and getting built not going to happen Thanks for any help Richard
  5. rich44

    2b Or Not 2b

    Hi all Just when i thought i had it all sorted in my head and on paper how to go a Head with my 2B rebuild i have now been left a little cash and my partner Sue has now said why not go for a zero as the base kit would not be alot more than what i have got to spend on the 2B So what would you do and then what to do with the bits i have already
  6. rich44

    Front Calipers

    HI Just found some on ebay hope the link works http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sierra-Xr4x4-Front-Brake-Calipers-Kitcar-/220844924489?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item336b621e49
  7. rich44

    Was It You

    Hi to all just wondered if it was some one from on here that came past our place on Monday morning it was a green looked like a S i did try to get them to stop but i think they thought i was some sort of mad man not far wrong i guess lol But if it was you and your out this way would be good to have a chat don't see many out here we are just outside Snowshill
  8. Thanks for all your help going to pull the sierra apart this weekend then see what i`v got just took it up the road and goes well should be good when it goes into the kit
  9. Thanks for your comments i think I'm going to go with the twin cam but not to sure if it will fit as it has the mt75 box and when i stripped my 2b it had a type 9 but will know more at the weekend when i pull the sierra apart. Now all i have to do is sell my pinto and box
  10. Hi all Just bought a sierra 20ltr gt for some parts and when i got it dropped off turn out to have a 20ltr twin cam with only 52k on the clock and it started up fine no smoke . So now do i put this into my 2b or do i stick with my pinto has anyone got this engine in theres
  11. Well it looks like this will be the last full year of F1 for me the one sport i like and now we will have to pay just to follow it
  12. rich44

    Body Panels

    Hi You can still get them from GBS hope this is some help
  13. rich44

    New Pics

    Hi all Just uploaded some new pics of what should of been my build but as i found out it is now a complete rebuild Hope you like the pics they are in the the sub albums hope the link works http://s50.photobucket.com/albums/f305/rtp37/the%20robin/
  14. rich44

    Hi All

    Hi Steve And welcome to the club would be good to see some pics of your 2B when you get it
  15. rich44

    Sierra Bits

    Hi Phill Have you still got the drum brakes if so any idea the cost to post or would you split as all i need is the bar that fits between the shoes Regards Richard
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