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  1. HI Guys Just going through the garage and found a copy of the mag, Dated 1996 (Christmas issue 19 ) Chairman: Ian Cairns. Hon Sec: John Trickett, Treasurer: Pete Davies How prices have changed lol,
  2. Hi I have an S7 for sale if interested.
  3. Hi If you decide to build your own, I have a CBS wiring module for sale, never used. makes it very easy to wire your hood, comes complete with reays, fuses.
  4. Hi I am looking for someone to tune my Pinto running carbs. I am no good with the fine tuning side of things.
  5. Yep the S7 is a lot smaller than the 2B
  6. Well the time has come where i have to sell the car, (not by choice) having done loads of work on it. link http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230798720669 New premier loom, all gauges are new MOT until Jan next year. But all is not lost, I still have the S7.
  7. I have not done anything, but cant say what the last guy did, Engine had been idle for awhile prior to him having it. engines are my weak spot.
  8. Hi Guys Pinto been off the road awhile while doing bits and pieces, including total rewire (premier loom) new didgi dash, gauges etc. But enigine is very hard to start, smokey, back firing, Someone did look at it fitted a vacuum gauge to the carb, but still not good, anyone know of a mobile machanic good with engines, i,m usless when it comes to engines. Located by Fareham hampshire. thanks
  9. I also used the premier loom, good fitting instructions as well, all relays pre-fitted.
  10. Hi i am in hampshire south coast. my engine is a pinto 2ltr at the moment the four go across into two, then joined by a flange that go down and out the side
  11. Hi I am looking for a two into one exhaust that goes to the can, at the moment i have two pipes that go into the can and looking at replacing them into single, can anyone help?
  12. night hawk

    It Works

    just got the wiring finished, used a premier loom, i did buy the wiring module fron GBS and was going to got the wire myself, but ended up getting the loom, taken ages but that was due to time limits i could get to the car, now not happy with the dash, so going to start work on re-doing that, colour co-ordinate with the car (yellow and black). then do the boot, new front wings etc. so still loads to do. Repaint the car, but need a garage for that. never ending lol
  13. night hawk

    Engine Mixture

    Talking of colour tune, would it work on a weber carb with the ESC2 unit, engine is a pinto 2ltr as you know it has vacuum and idle control, would it have any effect on the vacuum setting etc, engine is running rough.
  14. night hawk

    She Passed!

    well done !!! now go and enjoy the hard work and time spent waiting for this moment !!!!
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