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  1. Some great info guys , think it might be a good idea , like you say rich to visit the factory .. thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for the help . It looks like I may have to bite the bulit here and start a build ,catered for my own specifications rather than buy a used car which is already on the road . Its not what I want to do as im itching to get going but maybe the only option so I get exactly what I need and want .
  3. 2 of the lads on this forum let me sit in there cars today ( thanks Andy, John) . The zero seat was as far back as possible . on the 2b+ it was better but to suit me I needed the steering wheel rake to go up and towards me also to drop the pedals and widen them . I'm interested to know if anyone else has done this and how they did it
  4. Hi guys , 6ft 3 " . I want to own a 2b . Tried to fit in a zero and my knees were hitting the steering wheel. I have also tried a 2b+ it was a bit better but not comfortable can you ajust the rake of the steering wheel up 2 to 3 " and drop the pedals , I also found the pedals close for my size 12's. Help anyone , or the bubble is burst owning a kit car :0 ((
  5. Green hand swarfega (smooth type) is very good for fitting rubber seals, windscreens , gromits , caliper dust covers , tyres etc etc . It won't corrode the rubber .
  6. Hi guys , Its because of this I have joind the forum . I am looking for a kit car just getting into it , I know my way around engines and cars but not so smart when it comes to kits and self builds . I'll be honest here , i did consider going for a look at this one but the story didn't add up . Hanks for the heads up , another bullet dodged there ,.
  7. Thanks Chris , Painting them wouldn't be to expensive , I suport film rap would be an opinion as well . Thanks phill and the duck
  8. Thanks Andy . I got your P.M . I am working down south right now , i'll be in touch in a while . Thanks for the replys .
  9. Hi all I've been on this site a while ago when I was thinking of getting into owning a hood . I have that notion again but one or two things concer me and im looking for some good advice. If you could offer me some advice and buying tips that would be great . First of all , will i fit in one and manage to travel long distances without feling too uncomfortable im 6ft 3" and a chunky monkey. .Whats a fair price for a good standard of hood . What common pitfalls should I be looking out for when doing a deal . I am switched on with cars , but not self build kits . Is it possible to change the body panel covers without to much work ( I hate British Racing Green / yellow) Why are the rear wheel arches always fitted so high above the wheels , looks weird . Bike carbs yes/no Storage and maintance is not an issue . I've got a big garage . . Running costs . Maintance .Events . Im in scotland , no distance to far for prospective purchase for the right hood (fife) the home of scottish motor sport .Thanks all Ian
  10. bigeein


    hi obecanobe, *bleep* man i know what u mean to many choises ,,, if money is not a issue i would check out the " bose " make . . i like the old fasioned stack systems but you got to move with the times . One of my work coleuges had a bose docking station which he used to play along with his eletronic drum kit and i was well suprised about the volume and quality of sound ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, happy shopping ,,,, Check out hifi corner, ritcher sounds and ,,,, my faviroute ,, superfi .. all on line .. thay should help if your still stuck ,, try whitch magazine or outer hifi mags thay should help cheers BIG IAN
  11. angus, thanks for that . thats set the cogs turning . so there isn't a large kit car meet in scotland ? ,, not even once a year? . to be honest im surprised ,,. with knockhill being near or , crail air field , or ingulstion or east fortune, there isn't a shortage of venues and thats just the ones off the top of my head . as for the heater thing you can always work round that with good bike gear jacket and a hot water bottle lol . So are you guys members of the club in scotland ? as for the working hard bit it comes in fits and bursts we get a fair bit of down time due to bad weather , weve been stuck in dock for 4 days but due to sail out 2moro morning . just hope i don,t get stuck at sea due for crew transfer on monday night but if the swell height is 2 big we can't get off the boat cheers big ian
  12. hi stuarty ,, good to here from you 2 . i take it all you guys are members of the club then, and members of the fife club .. As for a part build i don,t think im gona go down that road ,,,,, simply don,t have the time to tackle that right now i.e. i started a patio 10 weeks ago and still haven,t layed a slab .i only get about 5 days home every 2 weeks When i do get to getting my kit car {march april nxt year} i just want to make sure i get a good one at a fair price . I want to spend what little time i have driving it not building or fixing . I don,t want one in B.R.G. I DON'T LIKE THAT KIND OF PAINT JOB . However after saying that ,, if i get the bug i may start a build from start later on , i do like the zero's . I don,t want to sound like a pussy,,,, but is there a heater system in the robins or is it dependant on the build. the wife gets cold esey .. well thats my excuse ...lol
  13. ahhh,, thats grate ,, angus ,, thanks for that . because i haven,t seen any kit cars going around fife i wasn,t sure if there was anyone in fife with them . looks like there is more than i thought . Its grate to know that help is there and people are willing to give up a bit of there time to help out . All i can say is A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL ... i would love to come over and have a look at your build that you have going on , thanks for that. I am overawed right now with work commitments , i work awey from home and won,t be home for anuther 4 weeks . I,ll even be working through christmas and newyear uuuuuuhhhhhhhh......,,,,,,, .. BUT IT WILL HELP PAY FOR THE ROCKING ROBIN ,,,,,,, LOL ... is there a fife hood club , and do you guys do track days since cockhill is up the frog and toad ,,, ... I know that knockhill is very expensive ..... in fact i would say overpriced ..... dick turpin types
  14. thanks for that steve ,,, i,ll chase it up when im off shift ,,,, i thought it would be a good idea to gater info before diving into buying a kit car cheers ian
  15. welcome big yin look forward to meeting you where are you from

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