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  1. I used the escort Mk 5 master cyclinder on my Zero (has 4 outlets so each corner is on a seperate brake line)
  2. stripped and cleaned filters? are you getting a decent fuel pressure at the rail/carb?
  3. deffinatley getting enough fuel into the cylinders? problems with the carbs? could try a small amount of fuel straight into the trumpet or (and I hate to say this) spray some brake cleaner straight down the trumpet and try
  4. is that the ST170 super charger? sounds lovely
  5. he said he was going to push the button 3 hours ago and he's not been seen since.....do we fear the worse?
  6. from the 1st of July you should be able to get updates for your satnavs that remove safety cameras (just remember the ban is only for devices showing safety cameras, not actual satnavs)
  7. mine does exactly the same, its the thrust bearing on the clutch plate fins does the noise go as soon as you press the clutch?
  8. jesus i bet you were sh**ting yourself when that went over
  9. sandy77uk


    mine went through with the belts through the seats, I have heard of people failing with belts round the seats as the belts pull on the seat itself as snapper says, its a bit hit and miss and is down to the examiner and what sort of day he is having
  10. i turned the wheel once, that gave me under 2 complete turns but just over over 1 and 3/4 turns of my prop, so my diff is a 3.62
  11. so on the subject of getting it professional setup, what do you even google for? I've not got the first clue and had GBS do mine, I've no problems with paying someone to spend a day setting it up so its balanced properly
  12. sounds like most things are covered, both Shaft and Davids blogs are pretty much bibles on what you will need to do over the next year or so, both cars are built to an extremely high standard
  13. I'm running alpha trottle bodies with a piper cam and that gives me 183, the GBS exhaust isn't ideal and has been identified as an area of restriction so that will be the next change and then RR again to see what it improvement it gives
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