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  1. 26dave0


    hi,i have the screen and top frame,just missing the bottom piece of the frame.do you have that part for sale. thank's dave
  2. 26dave0


    hi,can anyone tell me if there are other kit car screens that are same as the 2b+.there are a few that look same but best ask the exsperts.
  3. 26dave0

    Seatbelt Fastening

    well spent along day on the 2b putting wright someone elses wrongs.had to strip down all front suspesion set up boath sides so i could bend over front panels at the bottom edge and make a neater job around wishbone box sections.anyway my question is on the inner seatbelt points just wonder how best to fasten them down.there is a section of angle running under the car that the rear seat bolts will go through will it be ok to bolt through this with the inner seatbelt bolt through the floor into the angle.also noticed the outside seat bolt boath sides comes through near enough on the suspension cups under neath the car.another problem.thank's dave
  4. 26dave0


    hi,thank's for the info,will give them a call.thank's
  5. 26dave0


    hi,i have the 2b+ and bought it part built.have the windowscreen top frame and glass but missing the bottem section for the frame.does anyone know where i could pick up the bottom section of the frame from.thank's dave
  6. 26dave0

    Just Like To Say Hi.

    is that the one at the pub on the roundabout on the a34.any local meets info welcome so i can be there to have a nosey at the hoods.need to know the date and times you meet up.
  7. 26dave0

    Just Like To Say Hi.

    steve will be in touch and would love to look at your car and pick your brains.saved your number and will be in touch soon.thank's dave
  8. 26dave0

    Just Like To Say Hi.

    hi and thank's for the welcome.had me heart set on the show but not got to go.will be at others and look forward to meeting a few of you and your cars.
  9. 26dave0

    Just Like To Say Hi.

    hi all,been looking on here for a while and thought it was time i joined.just put me r6 up for the winter and thought need something to tinker with.so what did i do,mmm you guessed it,bought a part built 2b and turning out to be a nightmere at the moment.the video's that come with them are a a bit useless for some things and make you stand there scratching your head for a while.wanted to go the show at exeter but not got round to going.would of been ideal for me to look at a few 2b's to see how a few thing's have been done.found this web site very helpfull with a few things i've done on the car.so i guess i will be on here picking your brains as i go along.i must be going through a mid life crisis but always liked the robin hood when seen them on the road.like a 2 up motorbike with four wheels.anyway just like to say hi.